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Discover the perfect blend of serenity and strength with our private yoga instruction at Edgeworks Tacoma. Enhance your climbing performance, improve flexibility, and find inner balance as our experienced yoga instructors guide you through personalized sessions tailored to your specific needs.

Our private yoga sessions are fully customizable to cater to your specific needs offering a bespoke experience tailored to your specific needs, enhancing climbing performance while promoting inner peace and mindfulness.

Elevate your mind and body today with our private yoga classes.

Erica Chang

Erica's vinyasa sessions are a blend of athleticism, dance and spirit. She crafts an intense flow-based practice rich in yoga philosophy, sweaty with hard work, and celebratory in tone.

You can expect an inspired pace, creative sequencing, advanced backbends, arm balances, inversions, and maybe a vertical split or two along the way. She hopes you'll laugh as much as you sweat, and walk out feeling a little stronger, a little softer, and a lot more balanced.

Certifications / Qualifications:
200 Hour RYT
Yoga Behind Bars training
Street Yoga training

Heidi Krotzer

With over 3,000 hours of teaching experience as well as being an avid climber herself, Heidi focuses on working with movement issues and functions, alignment knowledge, and tapping into the use of breath work in your yoga practice.

If you’re new to yoga and/or nervous about postures, flexibility or previous injuries, Heidi can help! Or, maybe you’re an experienced yoga practitioner who is wanting a deeper understanding of how your personal movement patterns are helping or inhibiting your practice – she can help with that too!

Heidi specializes in alignment based yoga instruction with a strong influence of the Iyengar, Vijnana, and Ashtanga tradition. You can check out Heidi’s Yoga for Climbers class on Sunday’s at 5pm or book your appointment for a private session with Heidi today!

Certifications / Qualifications:

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Mary Chen-Johnson

Mary's devotion to yoga rests in part on the giving nature of it. That is, the more yoga is practiced, the more gifts it bestows.

Her focus on yoga as a map to wellness: the physical practice of building strength, flexibility, and balance, may also translate into a metaphor for everyday life. This is also her focus in teaching. She enjoys creativity in yoga sequences--sometimes incorporating dance elements that provide similar benefits--and a relaxed class atmosphere in which laughter is encouraged.

Practicing yoga since 2002 and undergoing teacher training through Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2006, Mary has been guided by teachers including Joseph Le Page, Lilian Le Page, Ellen Shaffer, and Joyce Anue and continues to attend additional training when she can. She is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Certifications / Qualifications:
Yoga Teacher Training - Integrative Yoga Therapy
E-Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours
Unnata Aerial Yoga
Pranic Healing
Therapeutic Applications of Yoga Asanas

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