We want to be very clear about one thing - entering this 2nd shutdown order is tough and the support from our members + community will be critical to our recovery and return.

We’ve always seen our facilities as more than just plastic holds on vertical walls. We’re a community of climbers and friends; a place to come together in shared energy and excitement for adventure, a challenge or escape from the daily grind. It’s these connections that we miss the most and we know many of you do too.

Like most climbing gyms across the country, Edgeworks + Stone Gardens have been losing money for the last 8 months; forced to cut pay and hours for employees. Things were finally starting to turn around for us this month. Now, faced with another shutdown, support from our members will ultimately be our key to surviving COVID, as well as making sure our staff stay employed and get paid.

Every penny of the membership dollars + freeze fees paid during this time will directly affect our ability to pull through this latest setback to the point of welcoming you back once again, as good as- if not better than- before. Therefore, we ask all of you who are financially-able to stick with us during this time and keep your membership (or freeze fee) going.

We ask those of you who are financially able, to please stick with us through this difficult time and continue your membership. Other options include:

PURCHASE A GIFT CARD: Your gift card purchase now will help pay our employees and give you the flexibility of many purchase options when you're ready to return to the gym!

PURCHASE A PUNCH PASS: You can grant full access to one additional person to use and share the punches with no restrictions!

PURCHASE A MEMBERSHIP: Help keep our community employed by becoming part of it.

PROVIDE SUPPORT: Help sustain our business and staff while we are closed.
   • Remain as an active member - no action needed
   • Opt-in for the $10/freeze fee.
Please complete the form below, select freeze and in the comments state "$10 Freeze".

FREE FREEZE: Membership freezes are FREE for the duration of the current shutdown order.
Please complete the form below.

CANCEL: Cancel your membership and wait to return when the time is right for you; start-up fees and new rates will apply when you return. To cancel, please complete the form below.

CREDIT/REFUND: Request a credit or refund for the remainder of November.
Please complete the form below using the comments to request a credit or refund.

PREPAID MEMBERSHIPS: Expiration dates for all pre-paid memberships will be automatically adjusted to reflect the number of days we are closed. - no action needed

PUNCH PASSES: Expiration dates for all punch passes will be automatically adjusted to reflect the number of days we are closed. - no action needed

Membership Change Request Form