Climbing With Kids

Our gyms are shared spaces for climbers of all ages, sizes, and abilities – from new climbers to fitness enthusiasts to elite/competitive climbers training for their next big goal or adventure.

  • Our Pro Belay program is the perfect option; providing the best experience possible.
  • Our Youth Programs and Climbing Camps are also great options for kids of all ages and abilities.
  • Discounted Day Passes are available for those 18 or younger; reservations may be required for groups of of 5 or more climbers.

Youth Policy

A climbing gym is not a playground. Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport and risk management is our main priority. Our youth policy helps us all work together to create a safer experience for everyone.

  • All minors (under 18) must have a current waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian; friends, grandparents, siblings, or other family members cannot sign your child’s waiver.
  • Groups of 5 or more youth (under 14) must be part of a staffed group event or youth program.
  • We are unable to accommodate custom group events or birthday celebrations; cake and balloons are not allowed inside the facility.
Youth (under 14) must be actively supervised by an adult at all times; adults must maintain appropriate visual/physical contact with their climber(s) and provide direct oversight at all times.
  • Young children must stay within arms reach of a non-climbing, supervising adult; not only for their safety but doing so also makes other climbers feel more comfortable knowing that you’re aware and involved.
  • 1 adult cannot supervise more than 3 youth at a time.
  • Unattended youth are not allowed on the climbing floor.
  • Adults must commit to reading and enforcing our GYM RULES, policies and etiquette posted here and throughout the gym.
  • For their safety and that of others, infants and toddlers are not allowed in lead climbing areas.
  • If you bring an infant carrier/car seat, avoid setting it in potential fall zones and/or blocking access for other climbers.
  • Walk; running is never permitted.
  • No yelling, roughhousing, horseplay or gymnastics (flips, cartwheels, etc)
  • Ropes are for climbing only; swinging, pulling or playing on ropes is strictly prohibited.
  • Never pass under other climbers on the wall or between belayers and climbers.
  • Climbers must wear climbing shoes or closed toed athletic shoes; bare feet are not allowed on the walls.
  • Remove crying children from the climbing floor, and possibly the facility.

CLIMBING IS DANGEROUS. Our staff may enforce additional precautions as needed to help manage risk for all gym users. If behavior is a problem, climbers will be asked to leave the gym for the day.