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Our personal trainers are focused on your athletic development. When you train with us, you'll improve your fitness, strength, and stamina and you'll get the best, personalized training specific to your goals. Maybe you want to climb Mt Rainier, run your first 5K, improve your endurance, or stay at the top of your game - we can build a training program suited to those goals and help you succeed.

Alex Avanto

Alex is a graduate of Western Washington University with a B.S. in Kinesiology and Sport and Exercise Psychology. In addition to her years of training experience, she holds multiple certifications as a personal trainer, sports performance specialist, and yoga instructor (200 RYT).

She works with those who want to become stronger while fostering a healthy relationship to their body; specializing in individualized strength training programs, promoting consistency in the gym, and building self-confidence. By taking into consideration both mental and physical health, she educates her clients on how to achieve their fitness goals, feel motivated, and stay consistent. Alex regularly tracks her clients’ progress and discusses the “why” behind each workout. This makes her clients feel confident in continuing their own goals far into the future. If you’re looking to see results in your strength training, increase your motivation, boost your mood, navigate gym anxiety, and learn how to lift with an encouraging, non-judgmental trainer, then Alex is the best trainer for you.

In her free time, Alex enjoys cooking, walking through nature, doing yoga, journaling, painting, playing with her pups, strength training, and of course climbing!

Alex works with men, women, and the LGBTQ+ community.

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Dawasi Sythoff

Dawasi is certified through NASM and has been a personal trainer for 3 years. He started as a personal trainer at Crunch fitness, followed by time coaching at orange theory, and now trains here at Edgeworks. Throughout his time as a trainer he has taught a number of classes including TRX, Bootcamp, and High Intensity Interval Training.

Dawasi specializes in helping clients build strength, teaching them how to train pain free, and figuring out solutions for clients with chronic conditions such as knee pain, back pain, ankle instability, tight hips, etc. His goal for training is simple: it’s to get his clients from point A to point B. Whether that’s through developing strength, building confidence within the gym, creating training structures, or expanding knowledge on exercises. Whichever one it is, he wants to see you achieve it!

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