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What’s the 2nd most popular thing climbers love to talk about most? GEAR. And that’s true for us too!
Our staff are experts in climbing gear and combining this knowledge with thoughtfully curated retail options for our members allows us to:

  • Offer a complete user experience for all climbers; new and experienced.
  • Get you closer to the vendor with shoe demos, special orders, product questions, etc.
  • Connect with our members and build community.

Shop Small. Shop Local.
In recent years, we’ve seen many of our beloved, locally owned gear shops close their doors, including Marmot Mountain Works in Bellevue and other similar shops throughout the Puget Sound. These stores offered services that aren’t always easy to find online or with big retailers and we see this as a gap that we can help fill.

Ask Our Experts
Have a question about climbing shoes or which harness is the most comfortable? Or maybe you want to know why there are so many different kinds of chalk. No matter your question, our staff are here to help!

And don't forget, members receive 10% off all retail purchases from our pro shops!


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It doesn't matter if you're new to climbing or you've bandaged a 100 flappers, the gear essentials are always the same!

At a minimum, indoor boulderers can get by with nothing more than:

  • a solid pair of all around climbing shoes
  • the right chalk
  • a functional chalkbag or bucket
While this list may seem simple, the options can be overwhelming - and more expensive than necessary.

For roped climbers, having a knowledgeable friend guide you toward the right harness, belay device and carabiner can be a game changer.

So whether it's time to move on from the rental gear or you've heel hooked your way through another pair of climbing shoes, head over to our pro shop for some helpful tips on the best gear!


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Climbing in general is a sport that is easily accessible and low in cost. Once you decide to head outside, that theory changes only slightly and for good reason - your safety.

While your indoor gear will often transition well to an outdoor setting, some additional essentials will be required; incuding:

  • rope
  • rope bag
  • helmet
  • quickdraws
  • a variety of carabiners
  • slings
Sound like a lot? Don't worry. We've got you covered with the gear, guidebooks, backpacks and advice to help you prepare for an stellar day at the crag.

No rope required? No sweat! We also have everything needed to wrestle pebbles in outdoor spaces; including crashpads, snacks, caffeine and even the occassional dog leash!


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You know they're out there and you know you're going to want them too! Those non-essentials that will make your climbing easier, more comfortable and let's face it, more fashionable.

From boulder brushes and hand repair balm to the cutest chalkbags you ever did see and the belay glasses that will save your neck, our Pro Shop offers all the accessories necessary to complete your climbing kits and fits. Not to mention all the great gift ideas too!

We'll see you soon!


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Looking to gear up for your next climb? Swing by an Edgeworks’ Pro Shop! We’re your go-to spot for all things climbing, with a large selection of indoor and outdoor gear, featuring top name brands.

Come see us in Seattle's Ballard neighborhood, Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, or just off 6th Ave in Tacoma and get ready for your next adventure!

We'll see you soon!