Mt Shuksan

An iconic northwest peak! Shuksan is a Nooksack word understood to mean "high peak", used by both the Nooksack and Lummi people. It is derrived from the Nooksack words Shéqsan meaning "high foot" or Ch'ésqen "golden eagle".

Climbing Mount Shuksan with Edgeworks guides is a challenging and rewarding experience. Located in the North Cascades, Mount Shuksan is known for its stunning beauty and technical climbing routes. Glaciers, like the Sulphide Glacier and the Price Glacier, cascade down its slopes, carving deep crevasses and creating intricate patterns of ice and snow.

The summit of Mount Shuksan is characterized by its rocky pinnacles and rugged ridgelines. The most recognizable feature, known as the Summit Pyramid or Fisher Chimneys, boasts a distinctive triangular shape that draws the eye and serves as a beacon for mountaineers. Its jagged spires and steep cliffs showcase the mountain's formidable nature, enticing experienced climbers to take on the challenge of its various technical routes.

Edgeworks Climbing is an authorized permit holder in North Cascades National Park.