Fitness Instructors

  • Alex Avanto

    Personal Trainer

    Alex is a graduate of Western Washington University with a B.S. in Kinesiology and Sport and Exercise Psychology. In addition to her years of training experience, she holds multiple certifications as a personal trainer, sports performance specialist, and yoga instructor (200 RYT).

    She works with those who want to become stronger while fostering a healthy relationship to their body; specializing in individualized strength training programs, promoting consistency in the gym, and building self-confidence. By taking into consideration both mental and physical health, she educates her clients on how to achieve their fitness goals, feel motivated, and stay consistent. Alex regularly tracks her clients’ progress and discusses the “why” behind each workout. This makes her clients feel confident in continuing their own goals far into the future. If you’re looking to see results in your strength training, increase your motivation, boost your mood, navigate gym anxiety, and learn how to lift with an encouraging, non-judgmental trainer, then Alex is the best trainer for you.

    In her free time, Alex enjoys cooking, walking through nature, doing yoga, journaling, painting, playing with her pups, strength training, and of course climbing!

    Alex works with men, women, and the LGBTQ+ community.

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  • Karina Baldwin

    Yoga Instructor

    Karina has her Masters in Sport & Performance Psychology from Florida State University, a Top 4 program in the field. She spent 2 years there working with collegiate athletes followed by 3 years working as a civilian contractor with the US Army. She spent over 200 hours studying yoga and the benefits of it on a daily practice.

    In her time working with the Army she worked with over 800 soldiers in group and individual trainings to assist them in becoming the best possible soldier they could be. She realized combining yoga with Mental Performance Coaching–because, yes, they flow together perfectly. And since she couldn’t easily convince soldiers to practice their downward dog and tell them how much a hike on Mount Rainier would calm them down, she left the US Army and has been teaching yoga and working with private Mental Performance Coaching clients since 2021. She has worked with over 30 one on one clients over the years, hosted 10 Adventure + Yoga retreats, and taught hundreds of yoga classes.

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    200 Certified Yoga Teacher
    Mental Performance Coach
    MS Sport & Performance Psychology

  • Erica Chang

    Yoga Instructor

    Erica has practiced yoga since 2010 and recently completed her 200 hour yoga teacher certification with Pamela Higley at Samdhana Karana Yoga. She has also completed the Yoga Behind Bars training and volunteers at Remann Hall, teaching yoga and meditation to youth.

    With yoga, she has found a melding of the best things in her life: spirit, athleticism, sweat, breath, laughter, community, and rhythm. Her goal as an instructor is to offer a space to explore, allowing others to become curious about what they are capable of as they leave a little stronger, a little softer and a lot more balanced.

    Erica Offers Private Yoga Instruction!

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  • Mary Chen-Johnson

    Yoga Instructor

    Mary's devotion to yoga rests in part on the giving nature of it. That is, the more yoga is practiced, the more gifts it bestows. Her focus is on yoga as a map to wellness: the physical practice of building strength, flexibility, and balance may also translate into a metaphor for everyday life. This is also her focus in teaching. She enjoys creativity in yoga sequences--sometimes incorporating dance elements that provide similar benefits--and a relaxed class atmosphere in which laughter is encouraged.

    Practicing yoga since 2002 and undergoing teacher training through Integrative Yoga Therapy in 2006, Mary has been guided by teachers including Joseph Le Page, Lilian Le Page, Ellen Shaffer, and Joyce Anue and continues to attend additional training when she can. She is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    Yoga Teacher Training - Integrative Yoga Therapy
    E-Registered Yoga Teacher 200 hours
    Unnata Aerial Yoga
    Pranayama, Mudras
    Pranic Healing
    Therapeutic Applications of Yoga Asanas

    Mary Offers Private Yoga Instruction!

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  • Samitha Hendrickson

    Strength Yoga
    Yoga Instructor

    I fell in love with climbing during my college years up in Bellingham, WA. I have been climbing off and on ever since that 1st day climbing outside over the water with friends. The best parts of climbing are not only the workout and fitness, but also getting to know others and building friendships. I enjoy sharing this hobby with friends and family and bringing a new experience to them.

    When I am not climbing in the gym you can find me teaching yoga, painting, hiking, working with kids, and traveling. I love to be outside whether it is a walk to the water, running on trails, or rock climbing with friends. If you see me in the gym feel free to come on over and chat or climb with me. I love meeting new people at the gym! I hope to see you on the rock wall!

  • Heidi Krotzer

    Yoga Instructor

    Heidi received a 500 hour certifications at Pacific Yoga Teacher Training and is well-versed in alignment-based vinyasa, pranayama, philosophy, anatomy and Sanskrit. She never stops learning and continues her education with her mentors as often as humanly possible.

    Heidi's classes focus on understanding the "why" of yoga. She believes that "effort for effort's sake" isn't necessary to find comfort and ease in a posture, once we know how to get there. Learning functional movement, while maintaining the integrity of the asana is the key to growth on the yoga mat. Learning to adapt and change the patterning in the body is the key to healing from past or current injuries to the mind, body and spirit. It is pretty common to find laughter and student engagement in her classes--how else do we learn?

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    E-RYT500, YACEP

    Heidi Offers Private Yoga Instruction!

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  • Patrick McCabe

    Pilates Instructor

    After taking his first session of Pilates Patrick could not leave the studio. He was hooked due to the fact that he had more range of motion and better control than ever before. In 2007 Patrick received his Pilates certification. In 2008 he received another certification from PhysicalMind institute, as a continuing education course.

    Patrick tries to add function and every day connections to his classes. Whether he is referencing a route on the rock wall, or going into a lecture about the mechanics of running, you can use what you learn very quickly. His classes are open to all ability levels, and have each students abilities in mind. For a strong educational and moving experience, check out the Pilates class today.

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    Initiation 101 - Pilates PhysicalMind Institute
    Group Ride Instructor - Body Training Systems

  • Rebekah Mingus

    Strength Instructor

    Rebekah was born and raised in Tacoma. She married her high school sweetheart and they are currently staying busy adventuring with their 3 children. On week days you can find her teaching cycle, step and circuit classes. On the weekend look for her out hiking on the trails, kayaking on the water and camping in the forest. In her spare time she enjoys reading, rock climbing, archery, eating good food and weight lifting.

    Rebekah has 17 years experience teaching group fitness and has national certifications through AFAA as a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer. She has endorsements for 11 different fitness class types and is a Level 1 4H archery instructor. She holds a BA in Psychology and has completed extensive continuing education in wellness coaching, mindfulness and sports Psychology.

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    AFAA Group Fitness Instructor
    AFAA Personal Fitness Trainer

  • Hailey Olafson

    Yoga Instructor

    Hailey started practicing yoga in 2018 and quickly knew she wanted to deepen her practice. She completed her RYT 200 training and began teaching in a studio by the end of that same year. She believes in the power of continuous learning and embodies the idea that the best teachers are, first and foremost, students themselves. She focuses her continued education training in expanding her knowledge in the philosophy and roots of this ancient practice as well as increasing accessibility through training in trauma informed language, breathwork, modifications, and activism.

    Hailey strives to create an empowering and accessible space for all students to connect with their breath, body, and community. Her classes are thoughtfully designed, offering intentional, well-rounded sequences that cultivate a strong, sustainable practice and encourage students to face challenges with grace, balance, and patience. Beyond the mat, she finds joy in climbing, Pilates, ultimate frisbee, gardening, camping, and cold plunging in the Puget Sound.

    Certifications / Qualifications:

  • Hannah Roberts

    Yoga Instructor

    Hannah is yoga teacher, adventurer, healthcare worker, believer in holistic health and lover of food!

    Cultivating health and wellness has always been at the forefront of her professional and personal endeavors. She started her yoga journey over ten years ago and began to integrate the relationship between body, mind and breath. It became a space to release, build strength both mentally and physically, build character, and has provided an overall sense of empowerment. She believes that everyone should experience these things through movement. To Hannah, yoga is medicine!

    After yoga healed her physically from a sports injury, it started her on a journey that she is truly grateful for and gave her a whole new appreciation for the human body and how it sustains us day to day. Through her practice, she became a RYT-200, is certified in Trauma Sensitive Yoga and is currently in the process of becoming a Therapeutic Specialist through Yoga Medicine (RYT-500). In her classes she enjoys holding space for individuals in all paths of life to help them connect to their body and to find joy in doing so.