Wednesday Night Trifecta


Cycling – like climbing but not as vertical and a little faster. Jayson got so excited about his new helmet that we’ve decided to host a free ride for our members* around the North End of T-Town on Wednesday nights. It’s not really a climbing event, but more of an opportunity to get together, meet other members, and spend some time outside the gym.

*All members, future members, potential members, friends, family and people with bicycles are invited; the more the merrier – but expect to hear about our Corporate Specials if you are not already involved.

We’ll leave from the gym parking lot at 7pm and head out for a ride around the North End. Then, after about an hour of riding, we’ll stop at the HUB for 10% OFF dinner ; heading back to the gym around 9:30pm via North 11th.

Don’t forget to bring a helmet, bike lights, bike lock, money and ID!  We look forward to seeing you there.

Next Ride: October 8, 2014

Bullet Point Itinerary: (For those who prefer lists.)

6:00 pm – Pull Plastic in the Gym
7:00 pm – Leave Edgeworks and head out for a ride around the North End.

8:15 pm – Arrive at the HUB, for 10%OFF dinner
9:30 pm – Return to Edgeworks