First Visit FAQ

Here a few commonly asked questions:

Do I Need to Complete a Waiver?

Yes, Edgeworks requires everyone entering the facility to complete and sign our
Waiver and Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk.
Individuals under 18 years of age must also have the signature of their parent or court appointed legal guardian.

Can I Purchase a Gift Card Online?

Absolutely! Our gift cards start at $20 and are reedemable for day passes, memberships, classes, programs and retail.

E-gift cards are purchased online and immediately emailed to the recipient.
Physical gift cards also available at our front desk.

Purchase Online:

How Much Does it Cost?

We offer a variety of options depending on how often you're looking to climbing. Choose from memberships and day passes to 10 visit passes, 1 month intro passes and climbing school courses. Prices vary by location.

More Info:

I Am Not a Member. Can I Just Drop In and Start Climbing?

Yes. We are open to the public. Feel free to drop by anytime during our business hours or give us a call more information.

Prior to your visit, we highly recommend completing our online waiver which includes a brief gym orientation video and will help expedite your check-in process.

Belay Check
To climb our roped walls, you and/or a partner will need to pass our Belay Check.
New to roped climbing? No problem! Take our Intro to Roped Climbing class to learn the basics needed to start top rope climbing including tying into the rope, belaying, and doing buddy checks. Participants are welcome to stay and climb afer the class concludes!

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Climbing With Kids
A climbing gym is not a playground. Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport and risk management is our main priority. Please take the time to review our Climbing With Kids info page and review our gym rules before visiting; rules and requirements vary by location.

Youth Policy:

What is Belaying?

Belaying is the act of managing a rope to protect a climber. The belayer is there to control the slack in the rope, catch a climber if they fall, and lower them down when they’re finished climbing.

Take our Intro to Roped Climbing class to learn the fundamentals of belaying including basic knots, good technique, proper communication and doing buddy checks. Participants are welcome to stay and climb afer the class concludes!

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What is Bouldering? Do I Need Experience to Try That?

Bouldering is solo climbing a lower section of wall up to about 14-16 feet. It is a more accessible style of climbing that does not require a harness, rope or partner but can also be more strenuous with a stronger focus on climbing skills and ability.

Bouldering involves increased inherent risks because YOU WILL FALL and all falls are ground falls that could result in serious injury. Our Intro to Bouldering & Movement class is a great way to get started with bouldering.

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Do You Have Auto Belays?

We understand the appeal and convenience of auto belays but climbing is an inherently dangerous sport and due to a number of ongoing safety concerns related to auto belays, we do not have them in our gyms.

Instead we choose to focus on rope climbing with real life belay partners. We feel this is a better way to help mitigate the risks involved, reduce accidents and build community. Our gyms are full of friendly climbers willing to lend a catch when needed! Here are 6 tried and true ways to find a climbing partner at any Edgeworks location.

What is ProBelay?

This program is great for folks who are new to climbing or don’t have a climbing partner. It is an introductory level program designed to welcome new climbers into our facility. Providing the access and confidence needed to climb on our taller walls with the help and encouragement of one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff belayers.

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Are Fitness Classes and Workout Areas Included?

Yes! Most group fitness and yoga classes as well as the use of the fitness areas is included for guests 14 years and older (day passes, memberships, etc).

Registration is required for group fitness classes, please ask the front desk for more details.

I Am a Member. How Can I Use My Guest Passes for Friends and Family?

Members have 2 types of free guest passes available each month. Please note that these passes do not roll over, so make sure to use them up!

Free 1st Time Guest Passes
Each member can bring up to 2 first-time visitors per visit to any Edgeworks location. Visitors must be new to Edgeworks, not having previously visited any of our facilities.

Free Guest Passes
Members can use a Free Guest Pass for 1 visitor per month, whether they are new or returning. Each guest can only use 1 free guest pass once every 30 days.

My Kids Want to Climb. What Are My Options?

Kids are always welcome at Edgeworks but a climbing gym is not a playground - even though it may look like one to them.

Climbing is an inherently dangerous sport and risk management is our main priority therefore we have a number of rules and expectations that help us all work together to create a safer and more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Policies vary by location, please click below for more details:

How Can I Cancel or Freeze My Membership?

It's simple! You can update your membership online by visiting our "My Membership" portal. Please remember that all changes must be made before the first of the month. If your request is submitted on or after the first, it will be processed for the following month.