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Saturday, June 1st, 2024

Top 7 Reasons to Shop Edgeworks for Your Climbing Gear Needs

When it comes to purchasing climbing gear, the options can seem endless. Big-box retailers and online giants offer convenience and often competitive prices, but there’s something uniquely beneficial about buying your gear from your local climbing gym, like Edgeworks.

Here’s why purchasing your climbing gear from Edgeworks Climbing is the best choice for climbers of all experience and ability levels.

1. Expert Advice and Personalized Service

One of the standout benefits of buying your gear from Edgeworks is the access to expert advice. Our staff members are experienced climbers who understand the nuances of climbing gear and can provide personalized recommendations based on your specific needs and climbing style. Unlike large retailers, where you might get generic advice, at Edgeworks, you can receive tailored guidance on everything from choosing the right shoes to selecting the perfect harness.

2. Try Before You Buy

Edgeworks often has gear available for you to try out before making a purchase. Searching for new climbing shoes? Test them out on a route or two before committing to your purchase. Curious about new harnesses, belay devices or other climbing gear? Join us for a demo night when brand reps offer an assortment of options for you to try out. This hands-on experience allows you to explore different brands and models, ensuring you find the best fit and functionality for your needs. Trying gear in a real climbing setting can make a significant difference, as comfort and performance are paramount in climbing equipment.

3. Supporting Your Community

When you buy from Edgeworks, you’re supporting a locally owned and operated business that contributes to the local economy. We provide jobs, support local events, and help build a vibrant climbing community. Your purchase helps ensure we can continue offering classes, maintaining climbing walls, and creating a space for climbers to connect and grow.

4. Building Relationships

Purchasing gear from Edgeworks fosters relationships within the climbing community. You get to know our staff, receive ongoing support, and become part of a network of climbers who share your passion. This sense of community is invaluable, offering opportunities for climbing partnerships, mentorship, and shared experiences that enhance your climbing journey.

5. High-Quality Gear Selection

Edgeworks curates our gear selection based on what works best for our members. This means we often stock high-quality, reliable equipment that has been tested and approved by seasoned climbers. You can trust that the gear you purchase from us has been vetted for performance and durability, giving you peace of mind on the wall.

6. Convenience and Immediate Availability

Experience the convenience of shopping locally with Edgeworks! When you shop at Edgeworks, you get your climbing gear immediately—no waiting for shipping and no hassle of returns. If you have any issues or questions, our knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in finding the gear you need, and we can transfer items from other locations if necessary.

Visit one of our 3 Puget Sound locations:

7. Exclusive Discounts and Deals

Edgeworks offers exclusive discounts and deals to our members. By purchasing your gear from us, you can take advantage of these special offers, saving money while investing in high-quality equipment. Additionally, we often have seasonal sales and promotions that provide further savings.


Choosing to buy your climbing gear from Edgeworks Climbing is an investment in quality, community, and personalized service. We’re committed to providing the best gear and support to help you achieve your climbing goals. Next time you need climbing equipment, consider visiting Edgeworks first. You’ll be supporting a vital part of the climbing community while ensuring you get the best gear for your adventures. Happy climbing!

Rappelling Class + Rappel Kit 

Wednesday, May 29th, 2024

Review by: Elana Cueto of Edgeworks Seattle

Lana took the Rappelling Course through Edgeworks Seattle in Spring 2024. The rappelling kit provided during the course comes highly recommended by Edgeworks Guiding and all items are available for purchase at Edgeworks’ gear shops conveniently located in Ballard, Crossroads Mall in Bellevue, and Tacoma. 

Gear included in this kit:

  • Rappel Device: Petzl Reverso (Qty: 1)
  • Locking Carabiners: Petzl Attache Screw Lock Carabiner (Qty: 2)
  • Runner for Extension: 18mm x 120cm Black Diamond Nylon Runner (Qty: 1)
  • Prusik: 6mm Edelrid HMP Cord Sling (Qty: 1)

What are your favorite things about this kit?

My favorite thing about this kit is how each item is multi-functional. They are also relatively inexpensive compared to other climbing gear.

What type of climbing did you use this kit for?

I used this kit for rappelling. These items can be used indoors or outdoors. This setup is useful for descending from multi-pitches or just having some fun rappelling off cool cliffs and big rocks. These components are great for multi-pitch climbing and alpine climbing as well.

Is it comfortable and easy to use?

Once you take the rappel class, everything makes sense! The Petzl Reverso is great for belaying from below and above, as well as rappelling. The sling and cord are versatile and can be tied to varying lengths as needed. These items are all standard components for a rappel setup.

Is there anything I don’t like about it?

Nope! The nylon runner is not as adaptable as an adjustable belay extension/tether, but it’s much cheaper and accessible.

Here are a few tips when using this kit:

  • Take a Class or Learn from a Credible Guide: According to The American Alpine Club, 30% of accidents happen on the descent.
  • Use Appropriate Equipment: These items are not the only things you can use for rappelling. If you switch an item out, make sure you are using and connecting it according to the manufacturer’s standards.
  • Mind Your Rope Diameter: If your rope is too similar in diameter to your cord sling, your friction hitch may be prone to slippage.
  • Additional Gear Needed: Make sure you also have other necessary items such as a helmet, harness, locking carabiners, gloves, and a rope.

This comprehensive rappel kit is a fantastic option for anyone looking to improve their rappelling skills. Whether you’re tackling multi-pitch routes or enjoying a day out on the rocks, the Petzl Reverso, Petzl Attache Screw Lock Carabiners, Black Diamond Nylon Runner, and Edelrid HMP Cord Sling provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for your climbing adventures.

Edelrid Ohm II Review

Saturday, May 4th, 2024

by Maryanne Saechao, Edgeworks

Enhancing Safety and Comfort for Climbers

What are your favorite things about the OHM II?

In general, the Edelrid OHM makes me feel much safer when belaying climbers who are heavier than me. Specifically, the updated OHM II’s new swivel joint is a standout feature for me. This improvement ensures that no matter how you clip it into a quicklink or bolt, you don’t have to worry about back-clipping or incorrect feeding.

What type of climbing did you use the OHM II for?

I primarily used the OHM II for lead climbing in the gym, but it’s certainly suitable for outdoor climbing as well.

Is it comfortable/easy to use?

Once you grasp the basics, the OHM II is incredibly easy to use and provides added peace of mind.

Is there anything you don’t like about it?

I absolutely love the OHM II. The only minor drawback for me is the color of the carabiner, but that’s easily remedied with a simple switch.

Key features of the Edelrid OHM II:

  • Approved rope diameter: 8.9mm – 11mm
  • Designed for use in scenarios where there is a significant weight difference between climber and belayer, with the climber being heavier. It effectively makes the belayer approximately 25 kg heavier, reducing the risk of collision or the belayer being lifted off the ground.
  • Rope handling when belaying a lead climber is not affected, meaning there is no additional friction when paying out rope.
  • Minimum belayer weight: 40kg / 88lbs

Looking to gear up for your next climb? Swing by Edgeworks’ Pro Shop! We’re your go-to spot for all things climbing, with a large selection of indoor and outdoor gear, including the popular Edelrid OHM II. Come see us in Seattle, Bellevue, or Tacoma and get ready for your next adventure!

Petzl Hirundos Harness Review

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024

Lightweight and Durable for All Climbing Adventures

By Truc Allen, Edgeworks

What is your favorite thing about the harness?

My favorite thing about the Petzl Hirundos harness is its combination of weight, packability, durability, and simplicity. The harness features only a single buckle, elastic leg loops for easy layering, and gear loops that strike a balance between functionality and comfort. The front gear loops are stiff, while the back loops are flexible, making it easy to access gear even when wearing a pack. Overall, the Hirundos offers a great balance between weight and comfort.

What type of climbing did you use the harness for?

I’ve used several Petzl Hirundos harnesses over the last 15 years for a variety of climbing activities, including single and multi-pitch climbs, mixed/dry tooling, and hanging in them for extended periods while shooting photos. I’ve found the harness to be reliable and versatile, even in demanding situations such as climbing Washington’s Infinite Bliss with a full rack of gear.

Is it comfortable?

Comfort is not always my top priority when choosing a harness, but the Hirundos has been surprisingly comfortable for its weight. While some reviews suggest that comfort is a mixed bag, I believe that for its weight, the Hirundos offers a good level of comfort. However, it’s important to note that this harness is not designed to prioritize comfort over weight. If comfort is your primary concern, you might want to consider a harness like the Petzl Adjama or Sama, which are more focused on comfort but are heavier.

Is there anything you don’t like about it?

There isn’t much I dislike about the Hirundos. However, the suitability of the harness depends on what the user is looking for. For beginners, I recommend trying out harnesses like the CAMP Energy CR3 or the Black Diamond Momentum, which offer more comfort and are more budget-friendly. It’s crucial to try out harnesses in person to ensure a proper fit, as an ill-fitting harness can be uncomfortable and unsafe.

Petzl Hirundos key features:

  • Lightweight and freedom of movement: Thin, flexible waistbelt for total freedom of movement, flexible leg loop bridge for comfort, and elasticized leg loops for a secure fit.
  • Comfortable when hanging: FUSEFRAME construction with thermoformed foam for consistent comfort, smooth-seamed edges, and breathable, moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Versatile: Two semi-rigid front gear loops, two flexible rear gear loops, rear accessory loop, and compatibility with ice screw holders.
  • Durable: Reinforced tie-in points, durable exterior fabric, and DOUBLEBACK HD buckle for easy adjustment.
  • Compact: The harness is compact when folded down for easy transport.

If you’re in the market for a new harness, be sure to check out Edgeworks’ Pro Shop. As a leading retailer of climbing gear, Edgeworks offers a wide selection of harnesses, including the Petzl Hirundos. Visit us in Seattle, Bellevue, or Tacoma and start your climbing adventure today!