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Bel-Red Boulders “BRB”

Friday, May 31st, 2024


We’re “making more happen” at the Staples location at Evergreen Village in Bellevue! Announcing our newest project: “Bel-Red Boulders” … or “BRB” for short, because we know you’ll want to “be right back”.

Located just a few blocks away from our current Crossroads location, this all new 26,400 sq ft bouldering only gym will help fill the growing need for more climbing, training and fitness on the Eastside and for our greater Edgeworks community.

With the vision and intention to create a warm, modern, casual space that appeals to the Eastside community, this project is designed to meet the needs of urban climbers and weekend warriors alike.


Build a bouldering gym“, they say. “It’s easy,” they say.

Sure but did they also try raising the roof? During the rainy season! After a few city permitting delays and updates to architectural drawings, operation “raise the roof” is back in action with more progress being made each day.

Extra kudos to the team for keeping things “dry”. We know the extra windows and added height above the new boulders will all be worth it.

Follow us on Instagram for more progress updates, comments from our growing community and more: @edgeworks_brb



Designed and constructed by E/P USA with flooring by Flashed, these new walls were designed to compliment and balance the wall features, angles and training components currently offered at our Crossroads location.

The walls at BRB will include a balance of slab, vert, and overhung terrain, featuring:

  • 9,200 sq ft of climbing surface
  • Up to 19 feet tall
  • 95’ long Gallery Wall
  • (2) 19’ Overhanging Features
  • (5) Alcoves between 13’ and 16’ tall
  • (2) Dedicated spray walls to enhance training opportunities, 30 degree and slab

Full-Fitness TRAINING AREA + Yoga Studio

Training is a focus here! Wanting to allow for strength training at many different levels of climbing and fitness, Bel-Red Boulders will offer a full training area with climbing-specific features, such as:

  • (2) adjustable training boards
  • Campus board
  • Hangboard frame, with up to (12) hangboards and rails
  • (2) Spray walls
  • Free weights and racks
  • Cardio machines
  • Yoga Studio + Group Fitness Space

FACILITY FEATURES Locker Rooms + Saunas

In addition to gender neutral bathrooms that offer more usable, accessible space for everyone, BRB will also feature open access to sinks for easy handwashing between sessions and full locker rooms with showers, benches and saunas!

COMMUNITY Gathering Spaces

With every project we set out with the same goal, to build a space where everyone feels welcomed, challenged + engaged. Including features that promote downtime between sessions and accommodate remote work options, BRB can be your home away from home, work or school.


Why are you building another gym in Bellevue? Why not somewhere else?
Good question. Our best answer is opportunity and available space. Demand is still high on the eastside; our Bellevue Crossroads location is crowded and will be losing some bouldering due to expansion and Vertical World Redmond has closed.

This is also not our last project and we’re always excited when people ask us to bring Edgeworks to their communities! We’re also proud to be the only gym in the Seattle-area market to serve any portion of the south sound; Tacoma is in fact where we started and our gyms span the largest area between Seattle, Bellevue and Tacoma. But this is not our last project. We’re always seeking our next opportunity to expand the Edgeworks community to new areas.

Are there any plans to resurrect the development of a Tukwila location?
We really like the idea of the original Stone Gardens Tukwila project but those plans are no longer available. The project was started by Stone Gardens before the Seattle and Bellevue gyms joined Edgeworks and the Tukwila plans were not included as part of the transition. The building has since been sold and leased to other businesses.

Will access to Bel Red Boulders [BRB] be included with my Edgeworks membership?
[Yes] Adding BRB to the Edgeworks community will offer our members a greater variety of climbing terrain, training options, fitness classes and more!

Will you offer more youth programs?
[No] Kids are always welcome at Edgeworks and we remain committed to helping young climbers discover, learn and excel at climbing but the programming focus at Bel Red Boulders [BRB] will be a little different.

With the addition of BRB and the expansion project at Bellevue Crossroads, it is our overall vision to better serve our community as a whole, including climbers of all ages, all sizes, and all abilities – bringing more climbing to the eastside and making space for programming where and when it makes the most sense for everyone.

While you won’t see regular youth programs offered here at BRB, there’s a good chance you’ll see small groups from Team Edgeworks here from time to time – sharing the space, working problems and practicing for bouldering season.

Will membership prices increase?
Prices are adjusted every year, but not due to expansion. Since the very beginning, it’s been Edgeworks’ theory and practice that small yearly price increases provide transparent predictability for our members and allow us to continue our commitment to invest back into our facilities, programs, and employees.

Each year, we evaluate the following criteria that typically results in a monthly membership rate increase:

  • operating costs and staff wages
  • increases in membership value, benefits, access, and offerings
  • future improvements and expansions

Thank you for your excitement and support! We couldn’t be more stoked to share this with all of you.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to leave them send them via our online Customer Feedback form. 

We’ll continue to add to this feed as more questions and details emerge.

Summer Camp Scholarships

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024

Climbing camps for beginner, intermediate and advanced youth climbers of all ages!
Whether you’re looking to be introduced to the sport of rock climbing or want to push your climbing skills to the next level, our camps are a fun way enjoy the sport of rock climbing.

Edgeworks is committed to increasing equity and inclusion in climbing; working to build a culture where adventure is accessible to all.

As part of this commitment we accept scholarship applications for participation in the following Summer Camp Programs for 2024; deadline to apply is April 30, 2024.

  • New Rockers
  • Adventure Rock 1
  • Adventure Rock 2
  • Adventure Rock 3
  • Adventure Rock 4

Each location (Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma) offers up to one scholarship per type of camp, which includes:

  • 100% of program fees
  • Rental gear during program: shoes, harness and belay device
  • Plus, additional gear for outdoor days including helmet, backpack and water bottle

Application deadline: April 30, 2024
In addition to summer camps scholarships, we also offer Youth Program scholarships for programs that run throughout the year.

Member Challenge 2024

Tuesday, April 30th, 2024

Earn Your Peaks!

February 1 – April 30, 2024
Make the most of your membership, infuse a bit more playfulness and joy into your climbing routine, and snag a FREE T-shirt in our 8th annual, members only 90-day challenge!


Adventure meets achievement! Earn points by completing a list of challenges spanning more than 100 activities. From climbing and fitness trials to check-ins, social events, staff interactions, training activities, dance sessions, and more.

As you rack up points, unlock three distinct levels of “peaks” to add to your FREE member challenge t-shirt. A total of 150 points grants you all three peaks, and there are over 300 points up for grabs!

First Peak: 65 points  |  Second Peak: 100 points  |  Third Peak: 150 points


Discover new challenges annually, featuring fitness trials, climbing games, and skill-based challenges. The point distribution caters to both overachievers and those seeking a more laid-back experience. While earning all three peaks in a single day (IAD) is possible, there are plenty of enjoyable challenges accessible to all skill levels, ensuring you keep coming back for more points and peaks!

Available Now!
Get a sneak peek at the 2024 Challenge List for your home gym and start devising your strategies now.


Edgeworks staff will tally points weekly, and t-shirts will be awarded upon reaching the first peak (65 points). Your T-shirt, labeled with your name, will be placed on a rolling cart near the front desk for convenient pickup.

*Please be aware that current stock levels may slightly delay T-shirt delivery by 1-2 weeks.

Note: Wear and wash your shirt during the challenge, but hold off on fabric softener until after all your peaks have been added.


Iron-on peaks, accompanied by straightforward DIY instructions, will be available at the front desk. Alternatively, bring your shirt to the monthly Member Socials in March, April, and May, where our staff will add the peaks for you.


Members are tasked with monitoring their progress and checking off completed challenges on their sheets. For those fueled by competition, keep an eye on the public Challenge Board, showcasing everyone’s points. See how your achievements stack up against others and let the friendly rivalry motivate you further.

Bellevue Expansion Project

Friday, February 23rd, 2024


After years of planning, a few roadblocks, and tons of incredible support from all levels of the Edgeworks staff, we can finally say THE WAIT IS OVER!

We are excited to announce that the new expansion space and renovation areas are OFFICIALLY OPEN, including:

  • 45ft walls with 49 additional lines of top rope and lead climbing
  • New training area featuring Kilter, Tension 2, campus board and hangboards
  • All new locker rooms with saunas (mens + womens)
  • 3 new ADA, gender neutral bathrooms
  • All new weight room with cardio equipment and bridge
  • Larger yoga studio with a growing class schedule
  • Expanded retail area, social space and new cubbies/storage options

Grab your harness and belay partner and come climb the new walls with us.


Bringing MORE Climbing + Fitness to the Bellevue Community!

With a MAJOR expansion project currently underway, we’re excited to share with you our plans to make Edgeworks Bellevue bigger, better, more inclusive and more modern.

Building a community where all climbers feel welcomed, challenged + engaged. 

Our gyms are shared spaces for climbers of all ages, all sizes, and all abilities – from new climbers and fitness enthusiasts to elite/competitive climbers training for their next big goal or adventure. 

Our focus with this expansion project is to build a space where:  

  • Seasoned climbers know they’ll still find the best, most challenging and fun boulder problems and routes. 
  • Weekend warriors can maintain their endurance and train in the off season when they can’t get outside. 
  • New climbers feel welcome and unintimidated as they walk through our door. 
  • Kids can be integrated into a sport and community that builds respect, confidence, communication skills, responsibility, teamwork and a healthy dose of calculated risk. 
  • Community happens, built upon a shared interest in climbing, fitness, and fun (and sometimes beer!)

All in all, we aim to create a setting that feels active, vibrant and welcoming. Where people choose to hang out even if they aren’t climbing because they know that this is where they will find their people and it’s where they belong. 


Phase 1: Project Planning

4 years (complete; permits issued)

Details: In partnership with Crossroads’ overall expansion and development plans, an 8,400 square foot addition will be added to the south side of our building, featuring 10,400 sq ft of new climbing surface with walls designed and constructed by EP USA. ← The same folks who designed and built the competition climbing walls for the Olympics. This new addition will bring us to a total of 31,400 sq ft of climbing!


Phase 2: Building Expansion

Summer 2023 – Winter 2024 (in progress)

Details: First, we need to expand our footprint to make room for the more exciting additions and updates. We’ll do so by busting through the south end of our building and extending out into the parking lot. 

In addition to the new climbing walls, this building expansion will make room for:

  • All new women’s locker room with sauna 
  • Single occupancy bathrooms
  • 2nd floor mezzanine with a training area that includes training systems, campus board, hangboards and a great view of the new walls.


Phase 3: Renovations + Facility Updates

Summer 2023 – Winter 2024 (in progress)

Details: Compared to other gyms in the Puget Sound, Edgeworks Bellevue is still pretty young – having opened in 2011 – but it could still use some updates to better serve our members and community, including:

  • Updated and improved front entry with larger retail area
  • Improved cubbies and storage options
  • Community space for remote work, socializing and re-energizing
  • Passthroughs and connections to the new climbing area
  • Expanded and updated men’s locker room with sauna
  • Dedicated group fitness area
  • New weight training and cardio spaces


Phase 4: Climbing Wall Construction

Fall – Winter 2023/24

Details: Designed and constructed by EP USA, we’re excited to provide our community with more rope climbing terrain, featuring: 

  • 45ft walls with 49 additional lines of top rope and lead climbing
  • Lead prow
  • Off-width flake 
  • Free form hand/finger crack 
  • Multi-pitch instructional ledges
    … and more! 



How do I get progress updates?

Stay tuned here and/or follow our social media pages for regular updates:
Instagram | Facebook | X (Twitter) | Threads

What are the details and features of the new climbing wall?

  • Designed and constructed by EP USA.
  • Adding nearly 10,400 sq ft of climbing surface (to our existing 21,000) 
  • 45 ft tall with an overhanging lead prow creating the possibility for 50 ft long routes 
  • Features include: 49 additional climbing lines, top rope, lead prow, flake, free form crack, and multi-pitch instructional ledges

Are you adding more bouldering?

Construction is currently underway on our all new 26,000 sq ft bouldering only gym, Bel-Red Boulders. Located just down the street in the Evergreen Shopping Center, this all new facility will help fill the growing need for more climbing, training and fitness on the Eastside and for our greater Edgeworks community.

Follow the Edgeworks BRB Instagram account for more updates!

What will happen to the existing walls?

South Bay Bouldering Walls
The majority of our existing walls will remain intact with the exception of The Cave in the South Bay. With its current design and steep overhang, these walls have always presented difficulties for our setting team and members. Therefore, this area will be opened up to create a pass-through to the new climbing area as well as a social gathering space.

While it’s never fun to take anything away, we feel confident in our plans to provide something more accessible and usable in its place. Including, access to all new walls, community work spaces for remote work or studying and a comfortable area to rest, recharge and connect before, during or after your climbing sessions. 

Pirate Ship + Youth Zone
Kids are always welcome at Edgeworks and we remain committed to helping young climbers discover, learn and excel at climbing. Similar to way we run our Youth Programs, starting kids out on the same climbing walls, routes, and holds as everyone else helps them develop a better understanding and awareness of climbing and the community that surrounds them.

Therefore, it’s time to “scuttle” the Pirate Ship. Removing it will allow space to create an all new weight training and cardio area.

Are there any plans to resurrect the development of a Tukwila location?

We really like the idea but the original Stone Gardens Tukwila project plans are no longer available. In the meantime, our existing partnership with Crossroads – coupled with their overall plans for expansion and development – are helping to make the Bellevue project possible.

Will you need to adjust business hours or close during construction?

It is our goal to maintain normal operating hours as much as possible during all phases of construction. If for any reason we need to open late or close early on certain days we will do our best to provide advanced notice to all members. Please check your email and be sure to follow our social media accounts to receive updates throughout the project, Instagram , Facebook, X (Twitter) and Threads.

Will membership prices increase?

Yes, but not just due to expansion. Since the very beginning, it’s been Edgeworks’ theory and practice that small yearly price increases provide transparent predictability for our members and allow us to continue our commitment to invest back into our facilities, programs, and employees.

Each year, we evaluate the following criteria that typically results in a monthly membership rate increase: 

  • operating costs and staff wages 
  • increases in membership value, benefits, access, and offerings
  • future improvements and expansions


Thank you for your excitement and support! We’re stoked to share this with all of you.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below or send them via our online Customer Feedback form. 

We’ll continue to add to this feed as more questions and details emerge.

Partner Finder Options

Tuesday, January 30th, 2024


Our community is full of friendly climbers willing to lend a catch when needed! And while starting from scratch can be a challenging or somewhat awkward endeavor, the rewards for reaching out to others can get you on the ropes with a new friend in no time. 

Here are 6 tried and true ways to find a climbing partner at Edgeworks. 


Members can (and should!) use their FREE guest passes to introduce their friends to climbing at Edgeworks. 

Each member receives: 

  • 2 free 1st time guest passes per visit
  • 1 free guest pass per month*

*Free guest pass use is limited to 1/every 30 days for guests.


Pop in for one of our monthly community climb nights designed specifically to help make connecting with people easier. There are several to choose from each month; hit the link to access our events calendar for more details. BELLEVUE | SEATTLE | TACOMA

  • Monthly Climber Socials
  • Women’s Climb Nights / She Rocks
  • Climbers of Color
  • Queer Climb Nights
  • College Night
  • Family Night
  • Military Night


Our belay finder sheet located at the front desk is a great way to share your information with other climbers and let you take control of the connections you make.  

  • Add your name and contact information.
  • Check the list for other climbers.
  • Connect directly or let our staff help.


Find yourself at the gym without a partner? Let our staff help! A simple announcement such as this will have you climbing with a new friend in no time: 

“Attention Edgeworks members and guests, if you were hoping to rope climb with someone today, it’s your lucky day! We have someone at the front desk who is looking for a belay partner. Come on up to the front desk for an introduction.”


There are several online options available including: 


  • Be an awesome belayer. Chance opportunities to climb with new partners are more likely to turn into long-term partnerships if you’re a solid belayer and taking our Intro to Climbing course is a great way to meet other new climbers. This course is offered free for members; click the link to sign up online.
  • Look for a group of three. Look for groups in the rope areas with an odd number of climbers and ask if they would like another belayer. There is always a chance that the odd person out would be happy to get climbing sooner.
  • Warm up on the boulder walls. Bouldering provides an easy way to be on the lookout for other climbers just like you. If you are unsure how to approach a group of boulderers, try getting in line to start working a popular problem near them.  Usually, other climbers are happy to share what they may have figured out about a particular problem and help you solve the puzzle.

1-Day Membership Sale

Friday, December 1st, 2023


It only happens once a year — steep discounts on annual and 6-month memberships!!
IN-PERSON and ONLINE SALES ONLY. No phone or early sales.



BEST DEAL: 2+ months FREE | No Freeze
Average: $69/month = 2017 prices!
$299 Youth Add-On available with Annual Membership.

6-MONTH MEMBERSHIP: only $419!

GREAT SAVINGS: 1+ month FREE | No Freeze
Average: $70/month = a great deal with less commitment for summers spent outside.


Friday, December 1 is an all day event! Morning, afternoon, and night, we’ve put together a schedule of fun featuring all the best Edgeworks has to offer. 

Stop by the gym for the 1-Day Membership Sale and stick around for the fun MEMBER APPRECIATION DAY activities including morning coffee and treats, fun challenges throughout the day, a member social and …


A highlight of our climbing school offerings, these clinics are designed to facilitate your growth as a climber and inspire you to push your boundaries. Clinics are exclusively available to Edgeworks members and space is limited; be sure to sign up early!

But, wait … there’s MORE!


Grab your gear and gather your crew because it’s BONUS Guest Pass Week at all Edgeworks locations!

Members receive 1 BONUS Free Guest Pass every day from November 27 to December 1! Bring your friends, neighbors, or that climbing buddy who keeps asking to climb for free. Let’s share the love for climbing!

  • Passes are valid for use between Nov 27 and Dec 1, 2023 only.
  • Limit 1 pass/day for members and guests.
  • This offer aims to foster a shared love of climbing with our members and community; please keep with the spirit of this bonus perk for our members. Other restrictions may apply.



From Seattle to Tacoma and 2 exciting projects underway in Bellevue, Edgeworks opens doors to the most rope climbing, bouldering, expert instruction, outdoor adventure, fitness and training options in the area!

Maintaining our roots as a locally owned and operated business, we’re dedicated to elevating your climbing and community experience. By actively listening to our members, we continuously evolve to provide the ultimate climbing experience.


Whether it’s the vertical rush of rope climbing or the creative challenges of bouldering, Edgeworks has you covered – both, in the gym and outside. We’re committed to facilitating your growth as a climber and inspiring you to push your boundaries.

Yet our focus for our members goes beyond climbing.  Here, you’ll also find community. We aim to build spaces where you can choose to hang out even if you aren’t climbing because you know it’s where you’ll find your people and it’s where you belong. 


Have specific training goals in mind? Ready to level up your climbing skills? From training walls, hangboards and cardio equipment to yoga, group fitness, personal trainers and expert climbing school instructors – Edgeworks has it all for you!

Need guidance on where to start? Our dedicated staff are here to help. Explore the schedules on our website or talk with our trainers and instructors for personalized advice.


At Edgeworks, everyone is welcome – no matter your current skill level or experience.

We offer classes designed to facilitate your growth as a climber and inspire you to push your boundaries. Regardless of where you begin, mastering the skills of belaying or refining your climbing techniques can boost your confidence and competence, propelling you forward on your climbing adventure.


Community lies at the heart of our values, alongside professionalism, integrity, and adventure. To us, it’s about uniting climbing enthusiasts, adventurers, and friends around our shared passions for climbing, fitness, and fun.

That’s why we invest in fostering this community spirit. Through monthly events, challenges, clinics, social gatherings, meet-ups, and our staff-led DEI Advisory committee, we strive to create a welcoming space. Everyone is encouraged to join as they are, to grow skills, embrace challenges, and feel a sense of belonging.

Join us at Edgeworks and experience our community firsthand.


  • FREE! Intro to Climbing + Technique Courses
  • FREE! 1st Time Guest Passes (2/visit)
  • FREE! Guest Passes (1/month)
  • FREE! Age 3 and under Family Add-On
  • DISCOUNTS! Climbing gear, retail, instruction courses, etc.

…. and MORE!

Member Black Light Event

Sunday, October 29th, 2023

Sunday, October 29 | 6pm – 8pm

Member Black Light Event

Join us at Edgeworks Tacoma for this fun Member Black Light Event! If competitive climbing isn’t your thing but you still want to experience climbing in the black lights, this event is for you.

Sunday, October 29 | 6pm – 8pm
FREE for members! Regular day pass rates apply for guests of members.

Invite your friends, wear your best GLOW, and join us for an after-hours, kid-friendly, member event. As a way to say thank you to our members, we’ll turn out the lights one more time before the work begins Monday morning to return things to “normal” around here

Please note: Some competition routes will come down prior to the member event and the climbing area will be open to the outside side lights from the front desk and 2nd floor. To experience the full effect of the black lights, be sure to join us for the 2023 BLB Comp on Saturday, Oct 28!

Roped Climbing on the shorter walls will be closed during the event but the East Room walls will be business as usual with normal lights and access.

This event is FREE for members! Guests of members can join in the fun at regular day pass rates. Come and climb with us under the vibrant glow of black lights for a memorable experience!

Black Light Bouldering | 2023

Saturday, October 28th, 2023


Black Light Bouldering made its grand return! After a brief hiatus, we’re thrilled to have hosted the year’s most creative bouldering competition.

THANK YOU to everyone who competed, all the volunteers for sharing their time and talent (we couldn’t have done it without you!) and huge shout out to our photographer, Cameron Anderson, for capturing such great moments from the community comp.


Since 2004, Edgeworks Tacoma has combined the thrill and motivation of climbing competition with the creative, exhilarating magic of black lights.

Our exceptional team of route setters meticulously crafts the year’s most captivating boulder problems, while our creative staff and dedicated volunteers transform the walls into vibrant, glowing artworks. No matter your skill level, the excitement that fills the room when the lights go out is impossible to ignore.

From the routes and black light tape decorations to the imaginative costumes and pulse-pounding beats of our DJ, every aspect of our event is designed to amaze. Join us and be part of the excitement as we continue to push the boundaries of fun and adventure!


Pre-registration by October 24th, guarantees access to our exclusive swag bags including an extra raffle ticket and bonus chance at walking away with an incredible raffle prize at the end of the night.

Location: Edgeworks Tacoma
Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023
Pre-registration (ends 10/24): $35 members, $45 community
Shirt Order w/ Registration (ends 10/10): $20
Day-of registration: $60 everyone

BLB 2023 | T-Shirt Design

Make your experience even more lit by adding this limited edition BLB 2023 t-shirt. Not only will the design glow under the black lights but this shirt will provide memories for years to come.

$20 with pre-registration by October 10; limited purchases day-of the event.

Order now to guarantee the size you want!


COMMUNITY SESSION: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

  • Categories: All
  • Judges Meeting: 3:15pm
  • Competitor Check-in: 3:30pm
  • Competitor Rules Meeting: 3:50pm
  • Climbing: 4:00pm – 7:00pm

AWARDS + AFTER PARTY: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

  • Raffle Prizes: 7:30pm
  • Awards: 7:45pm
  • Social: 7:00pm – 9:00pm

All climbers must complete a signed waiver or have one on file with Edgeworks in order to participate. Waivers must be renewed each year and are available online.


It takes a lot of support from our entire community to pull together a climbing competition like Black Light Bouldering. If you have some time to spare, we’d love to have your help!

The Job: Bring your creative energy and/or taping skills to the gym! No experience necessary.

  • Wed, October 25: 12pm-5pm or 5pm-10pm
  • Thur, October 26: 12pm-5pm or 5pm-10pm
  • Fri, October 27: 12pm-5pm or 5pm-10pm

The Job: Help manage routes, competitor queues, scoring and communication of rules as needed.

  • Date: Saturday, October 28, 2023
  • Time: 3:00pm – 7:00pm


As competition setting starts to take place, wall closures will be necessary. Here’s the closure schedule to help you help plan ahead:

  • Tuesday, October 24: Old Lead Cave
  • Wednesday, October 25: OLC, Sunshine, Wall of Love + Gallery
  • Thursday – Friday, October 26-27: All bouldering walls

Ropes in the EAST Room will remain open to members and guests throughout the week!


CLOSED areas include:
• ALL of the climbing walls in the WEST BAY; including all boulder and lower level rope walls.
• Weight + Cardio areas; including Campus Board
• Upstairs area; including lounge, yoga studio and Kilter Board

OPEN areas include:
• The EAST BAY will be OPEN for rope climbing.

All youth programs, climbing school courses and fitness classes will be canceled.
Our parking lot will be full so please plan ahead! Spectators are welcome in the competition area.


While you’re here, be sure to check out the VIDEO from a previous Black Light comp! ←(click the link to video watch).