Team Update: November 2017

Local Season Update

The 2017/18 bouldering local season ended with record numbers of Edgeworks youth participating in at least one competition.  Over 30 kids in our youth program, Junior Climbers as well as Team Climbers, competed in our own Black Light Bouldering Competition on October 28! The Regional Championship is coming up in December, and we have 29 eligible Team members, up from 21 last year.

Championship Season Is On The Way!

The Regional Championship is December 9th at Seattle Bouldering Project.
If your climber is eligible, you may register for the competition on the USA Climbing website, not the host gym website. The deadline to register is 11:59p MST on November 30th.
Eligibility to compete in the Regional is as follows:

      Must have competed in, and received a score, in at least two local competitions, and
     – Must have a current annual USAC membership.

Register here.

Championship comp formats are markedly different from local formats and require different strategy. A championship comp is a one or two day event following an “onsight” or “flash” format. This format is different in that viewing another climber on a route, thus gathering “beta” or insight about the route, is strictly prohibited. We will be practicing bits and pieces of this format daily until the competition. Expect more details in the coming month as we prepare. We will be talking to the kids about rest, nutrition, and how to manage nerves. Look for an email in the coming soon that has a list of things to pack in the competitors “comp bag”.

Effort As A Habit

The Positive Coaching Alliance is a national non-profit organization dedicated to developing better athletes and better people through youth sports. Their website has lot’s of article and videos covering many facets of youth sports. Recently, they shared an excerpt from Jim Thompson’s book “Elevating Your Game” that discusses effort and effort goals. It emphasizes setting ‘effort’ goals over ‘outcome’ goals. They mention avoiding the Talent Trap. “Many athletes believe their abilities are fixed (based on the amount of talent with which they were born). This reflects a “fixed” mindset. We encourage you to take a growth mindset and approach ability with the belief that effort and hard work can increase your talent level.” To read the excerpt, click here.

Upcoming Events

“Practice” Regionals @ Climb Tacoma



Next PCA Meeting

Nov. 20, 6:30p in the upstairs lounge.