Team Update: March 2018

Team Fundraiser 

During the Month of March, guests holding a limited edition coupon from Team Edgeworks will receive 30% off the normal Clip & Climb rate. Edgeworks Climbing will donate $10 for every coupon redeemed to Team Edgeworks. As a bonus, on March 17, from 1:00p – 4:00p Team Members will be available for any member or day pass holder who would like a belay on top-rope, or beta on their current project.

For Team Members, if you’d like to inspire and encourage people in our community on March 17, ask one of your coaches to sign you up. Make sure to wear your Team shirt on that day so that you are easily identifiable as an “expert”.

Sport and Speed Season 2018

The local Sport and Speed season is almost here! We have begun training in preparation for longer routes, comp belays, and sport leading. Competitors are shifting focus to fitness, endurance training, learning to lead climb and belay, or refreshing their abilities, and getting used to longer routes with a looser belay similar to the belay at comps.

The dates that coaches will be available at local competitions are:

– April 7: Vertical World, Redmond, WA
– April 21: Island Rock Gym, Bainbridge Island, WA
– April 28: ClubSport, Tigard, OR

Be on the lookout for more season information coming in your email inbox. Included in the email are more dates, van info, and links to event invitations.

Honoring the Game

“Honoring the Game” is a Positive Coaching Alliance principle about sportsmanship encouraging leaders, coaches, parents and athletes to respect all aspects of their sport. The ROOTS of Honoring the Game is an acronym which stands for better respecting: Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self.

The rules of a sport have been developed and modified for a reason. Rules keep the game fair, and they also keep athletes safe. Don’t try to work against the rules or bend them; respect the role they play in your sport.

As you want respect, give respect to your opponents. As Jim Thompson suggests in his book, “fierce and friendly” opponents are what we should strive to be and have in competition.

Officials are doing the best they can to enforce the rules and maintain a safe environment for play. They are people too, doing the best they can, and there is never an excuse for disrespecting officials.

Make your teammates proud by doing the best you can (on and off the field) and by supporting them in all their efforts.

Finally, and most importantly, you have to respect yourself in order to uphold an honorable approach to sports. Set high standards and live up to them.

Upcoming Events

Team Fundraiser
March 1 – 31

Team Belay and Beta Day
March 17, 1:00p – 4:00p
Edgeworks Climbing

Social Media

Check the lobby bulletin board, Facebook, Instagram, and the Team Blog at for Team Edgeworks news and information.

Next PCA Meeting

Mar. 19, 6:30p in the upstairs lounge.

Contact Info.

Lisa Ferazza, Team Manager
Phone: 253-564-4899