Team Update: December 2016


Practice Regional Bouldering Championship

On November 12th Climb Tacoma hosted a practice regional championship competition so our teams can become acquainted with the championship format. Team Edgeworks had good participation at the practice event and many kids who are new to the format got a good idea of what will be expected on December 10th. Thanks Climb Tacoma!

The Championship Format: Championship competitions are typically an ‘onsight’ format. To onsight a problem is to climb a route clean on the first attempt without prior information about the problem. After initial registration, climbers are taken to an isolation area. Competitors are taken to the wall prior to the start of competition for a preview. When the competition begins, the competitors will climb one at a time and usually have four minutes to make as many attempts as they want, ideally ‘onsighting’ the problem. There are strict rules forbidding any discussion about the route or wall with climbers who remain in isolation. Following the attempt, a climber may stay in the viewing area with spectators and those other climbers who have previously completed their climb. They may not return to the isolation area.


NEW! We are selling raffle tickets to benefit Team Edgeworks starting Nov. 29th through the Annual sale and Member appreciation event on Dec. 2nd. One winner will have their choice of climbing shoes or harness. See front desk for details.

Upcoming: Discounted Clip and Climb passes are coming. Hand these out to all your friends, neighbors, relatives, and acquaintances. For every certificate redeemed Edgeworks will donate $10 to the team!

Mark your calendar: Team members will be available on January 7th from 1:00p-3:00p to belay anyone who redeems their coupon during that time.

Team Budget: We’ve heard some good ideas about how to spend all this money we’re raising, including a lock-in, bowling, or a bowling/lock-in combo, a pizza party at Dorky’s arcade, and more. Keep the ideas flowing, and we’ll plan on doing something fun mid-February once the bouldering season is over.

Upcoming Events

December 2

Annual Membership Sale and Member Appreciation
Team Edgeworks Raffle

December 10

Regional Championship, Vertical World Redmond

Next PCA Meeting

There will be NO December PCA meeting.