Member Spotlight: Nov 2018

Lynn Tucker

Member since 2015

How did you start climbing?

Lynn: On vacation a few years ago my niece and nephew wanted to climb so I figured I’d try it. Scared me to death! As soon as I got home I joined Edgeworks to get over that fear.

Why do you climb at Edgeworks?

Lynn: Jimmy was the first person I met and he is the real reason I joined on day 1. He and everyone I’ve met here are kind, funny, fun and I just love that I get to hang out and workout at the same time.

What do you do when you’re not climbing?

Lynn: I teach at PLU, play ultimate frisbee, SUP, kickbox, and hang with my little dogs and my big dog hubby, Chris.

Where is your favorite place to climb outside?

Lynn: I’ve only climbed outside once; exit 38. I climb the stairs at Stadium – does that count?

What are some interesting facts that you’d like to share with the Edgeworks community?

Lynn: I’m from El Paso, Texas, but I don’t have an accent; I’ve kicked cancers butt; and I love Coca Cola as if it were the elixir of the Gods.

Which do you prefer: top rope, lead, or bouldering?

Lynn: Top Rope. I have not tried lead yet but plan to take the course the next chance I get.

What’s your go-to route grade?

Lynn: I prefer to select my routes based on color; bubble gum pink is favorite. If it’s a 5.10 – bonus!