Member Spotlight: Feb 2017

Erin Edwards

Member since 2011

How did you start climbing?

Erin: I was dating a guy who was a big climber/aplinist. His pictures of the remote places he climbed were inspiring to me. I wanted to go to those amazing places in Washington and beyond. I went to the gym by myself and signed up for ‘Intro to Climbing‘ with Andy and was hooked! I met a group of new ambitious climbers and never stopped.

Why do you climb at Edgeworks?

Erin: Edgeworks is not only a fun place to climb but it offers so much more. I enjoy the fitness classes, events, and most of all, the wonderful community it fosters. I’ve met so many great people and built strong friendships here.

Where is your favorite place to climb outside?

Erin: Squamish! I love the granite, it gives me confidence like no other place. There are seemingly endless beautiful lines, short approaches, fun routes, and lovely views.

What do you do when you’re not climbing?

Erin: I’m currently training for a marathon, so I do a lot of running. I love traveling and am always plotting my next adventure (Bhutan, Nepal, Nicaragua, Angilla planned so far this year). I also enjoy spending time with my active pup and tall boyfriend.

What are some interesting facts that you’d like to share with the Edgeworks community?

Erin: The giant pacific octopus is the largest octopus species in the world and the largest one is said to have lived under the narrows bridge in Tacoma. Octopuses have three hearts, as well as special pigments and skin muscles that allow them to change color instantly. Octopuses will also change color while thinking hard to solve puzzles or problems. They collect treasures like shells and other objects to keep in their hiding spots. They can also lose arms to escape harm and regrowth them!!

Which do you prefer: top rope, lead, or bouldering?

Erin: Inside, top rope. I like the movement and option to pause and think about how to solve the problem. Outside, I enjoy the challenge and excitement of leading.

What’s your go-to route grade?

Erin: 5.9 Inside and outside, it’s a fun grade for me. I’m usually engaged but not stressed on good ol’ 5.9.