Member Challenge 2024

Earn Your Peaks!

February 1 – April 30, 2024
Make the most of your membership, infuse a bit more playfulness and joy into your climbing routine, and snag a FREE T-shirt in our 8th annual, members only 90-day challenge!


Adventure meets achievement! Earn points by completing a list of challenges spanning more than 100 activities. From climbing and fitness trials to check-ins, social events, staff interactions, training activities, dance sessions, and more.

As you rack up points, unlock three distinct levels of “peaks” to add to your FREE member challenge t-shirt. A total of 150 points grants you all three peaks, and there are over 300 points up for grabs!

First Peak: 65 points  |  Second Peak: 100 points  |  Third Peak: 150 points


Discover new challenges annually, featuring fitness trials, climbing games, and skill-based challenges. The point distribution caters to both overachievers and those seeking a more laid-back experience. While earning all three peaks in a single day (IAD) is possible, there are plenty of enjoyable challenges accessible to all skill levels, ensuring you keep coming back for more points and peaks!

Available Now!
Get a sneak peek at the 2024 Challenge List for your home gym and start devising your strategies now.


Edgeworks staff will tally points weekly, and t-shirts will be awarded upon reaching the first peak (65 points). Your T-shirt, labeled with your name, will be placed on a rolling cart near the front desk for convenient pickup.

*Please be aware that current stock levels may slightly delay T-shirt delivery by 1-2 weeks.

Note: Wear and wash your shirt during the challenge, but hold off on fabric softener until after all your peaks have been added.


Iron-on peaks, accompanied by straightforward DIY instructions, will be available at the front desk. Alternatively, bring your shirt to the monthly Member Socials in March, April, and May, where our staff will add the peaks for you.


Members are tasked with monitoring their progress and checking off completed challenges on their sheets. For those fueled by competition, keep an eye on the public Challenge Board, showcasing everyone’s points. See how your achievements stack up against others and let the friendly rivalry motivate you further.