Member Appreciation Day

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As a way of saying, “Thank you” to our members, we will be hosting a fun-filled Member Appreciation Day.  Because we recognize that our community of members is incredible and by being a member, you are Edgeworks! We hope you’ll come celebrate with us.

The day will be full of FREE! activities, including FREE DAY PASSES for everyone and a party for members. Check out the schedule below and be sure to join us December 6, 2013!

Member Appreciation Day Schedule:

Wake up with Edgeworks

9:00 am Yum: Coffee and Donuts

Fitness Clinics

12:30pm Pilates: Lunch and Learn (w/Patrick)  REGISTER HERE
1:00pm Pilates: Intro to Reformer (w/Patrick)  REGISTER HERE

Technical Clinics

4:00pm Trad Climbing: Knots & Hitches (w/Tod)  REGISTER HERE
5:00pm Multi-Pitch: Transitions (w/Tod)  REGISTER HERE
6:00pm Multi-Pitch: Pre-Rig Rappelling (w/Tod)  REGISTER HERE
7:00pm Rescue: Escaping the Belay (w/Tod)  REGISTER HERE

Fitness Clinics

6:00pm Strength: Meta Training (w/Marissa)  DROP-IN ALLOWED
7:00pm Yoga: Yoga for Climbers (w/Amy Petty)  REGISTER HERE

Member Party

7:00pm Member Party: Free Beer (w/EVERYONE)