Edgeworks Challenge 2017


Earn your peaks!

January 1 – March 31, 2017
Put your membership to good use and receive a FREE t-shirt with our members only 90-day challenge!


CHALLENGE COMPLETE – 100+ points and all 3 peaks! 

Kate Terpstra: 149   Sophia Terrill: 112   Jason Cancro: 105    Luke Bury: 102
Samitha Hendrickson: 133   Braden Adame: 109   Dylan Sies: 105   Genevieve McCabe: 102
Riley Hume: 132   Soo Kim: 109   Violet Ritchie: 104   Michelle Rippe: 102
LaCrystal Wooten-Wise: 130   Jason Legener: 108   Josh Bennett: 103   Irene Smarr: 101
Cecil Groetken: 127   Megan Ono-Legener: 108   Kelly Hoover: 103   Jennifer Wheeler: 101
Scout Watanabe: 126   Saign Charlestein: 107   Karen Hume: 103   Brandon Hoover: 100
Brette Hume: 124   Carolyn Barbee: 106   Jesse Spaulding: 103   Nathan Kosyle: 100
Tod Bloxham: 120   Alyssa Opland: 106   Austin Williams: 103   Hal Warren: 100
Bonnie Moeller: 116   Meaghan Pryde: 106   Tori Wilson: 103   Amanda Wolf: 100
Ann Casey: 115   Drew Smith: 106   Brianna Bailey: 102
Erin Edwards: 112   Maria Vachlon: 106   George Bonilla: 102

The Objective:

Use your Edgeworks membership to its fullest potential to earn points and fill the peaks on your FREE Edgeworks Challenge t-shirt. And, also have a bit of FUN and friendly competition, along the way!

The List:

The challenge list has grown to include 150+ different activities – from climbing, fitness and check-in challenges to attending socials, interacting with staff, hula hooping and much more! Challenge lists can be found here or at the front desk.  and we’ll also provide a place to store your list for safe keeping and easy access when you’re here.

The Shirts:

T-shirts will be distributed upon achievement of your first peak (30 points) based on the weekly updates of the Challenge Board. This is the best way for us to ensure everyone who is actively participating in the challenge (and there were 180 of you last year!) receive a well deserved free t-shirt!

Returning challengers will receive a newly designed shirt with new peaks to fill!

Note: Feel free to wear and wash your shirt during the challenge but please refrain from using fabric softener until after your peaks have been added.

Earning/Adding Peaks:

First Peak: 30 points  |  Second Peak: 65 points  |  Third Peak: 100 points

Bring your shirts to the monthly Climbers Socials (in February, March, and April) when our staff will add the peaks to your shirt based on the points you’ve earned.


You’re responsible for tracking your progress and checking the boxes as items are completed. To entice those of us with an extra competitive spirit, staff will also check the sheets every week and update a Challenge Board in the lobby with everyone’s individual points.