Bellevue Expansion Project


After years of planning, a few roadblocks, and tons of incredible support from all levels of the Edgeworks staff, we can finally say THE WAIT IS OVER!

We are excited to announce that the new expansion space and renovation areas are OFFICIALLY OPEN, including:

  • 45ft walls with 49 additional lines of top rope and lead climbing
  • New training area featuring Kilter, Tension 2, campus board and hangboards
  • All new locker rooms with saunas (mens + womens)
  • 3 new ADA, gender neutral bathrooms
  • All new weight room with cardio equipment and bridge
  • Larger yoga studio with a growing class schedule
  • Expanded retail area, social space and new cubbies/storage options

Grab your harness and belay partner and come climb the new walls with us.


Bringing MORE Climbing + Fitness to the Bellevue Community!

With a MAJOR expansion project currently underway, we’re excited to share with you our plans to make Edgeworks Bellevue bigger, better, more inclusive and more modern.

Building a community where all climbers feel welcomed, challenged + engaged. 

Our gyms are shared spaces for climbers of all ages, all sizes, and all abilities – from new climbers and fitness enthusiasts to elite/competitive climbers training for their next big goal or adventure. 

Our focus with this expansion project is to build a space where:  

  • Seasoned climbers know they’ll still find the best, most challenging and fun boulder problems and routes. 
  • Weekend warriors can maintain their endurance and train in the off season when they can’t get outside. 
  • New climbers feel welcome and unintimidated as they walk through our door. 
  • Kids can be integrated into a sport and community that builds respect, confidence, communication skills, responsibility, teamwork and a healthy dose of calculated risk. 
  • Community happens, built upon a shared interest in climbing, fitness, and fun (and sometimes beer!)

All in all, we aim to create a setting that feels active, vibrant and welcoming. Where people choose to hang out even if they aren’t climbing because they know that this is where they will find their people and it’s where they belong. 


Phase 1: Project Planning

4 years (complete; permits issued)

Details: In partnership with Crossroads’ overall expansion and development plans, an 8,400 square foot addition will be added to the south side of our building, featuring 10,400 sq ft of new climbing surface with walls designed and constructed by EP USA. ← The same folks who designed and built the competition climbing walls for the Olympics. This new addition will bring us to a total of 31,400 sq ft of climbing!


Phase 2: Building Expansion

Summer 2023 – Winter 2024 (complete!)

Details: First, we need to expand our footprint to make room for the more exciting additions and updates. We’ll do so by busting through the south end of our building and extending out into the parking lot. 

In addition to the new climbing walls, this building expansion will make room for:

  • All new women’s locker room with sauna 
  • Single occupancy bathrooms
  • 2nd floor mezzanine with a training area that includes training systems, campus board, hangboards and a great view of the new walls.


Phase 3: Renovations + Facility Updates

Summer 2023 – Winter 2024 (complete!)

Details: Compared to other gyms in the Puget Sound, Edgeworks Bellevue is still pretty young – having opened in 2011 – but it could still use some updates to better serve our members and community, including:

  • Updated and improved front entry with larger retail area
  • Improved cubbies and storage options
  • Community space for remote work, socializing and re-energizing
  • Passthroughs and connections to the new climbing area
  • Expanded and updated men’s locker room with sauna
  • Dedicated group fitness area
  • New weight training and cardio spaces


Phase 4: Climbing Wall Construction

Fall 2023 – Winter 2024 (complete!)

Details: Designed and constructed by EP USA, we’re excited to provide our community with more rope climbing terrain, featuring: 

  • 45ft walls with 49 additional lines of top rope and lead climbing
  • Lead prow
  • Off-width flake 
  • Free form hand/finger crack 
  • Multi-pitch instructional ledges
    … and more! 



How do I get progress updates?

Stay tuned here and/or follow our social media pages for regular updates:
Instagram | Facebook | X (Twitter) | Threads

What are the details and features of the new climbing wall?

  • Designed and constructed by EP USA.
  • Adding nearly 10,400 sq ft of climbing surface (to our existing 21,000) 
  • 45 ft tall with an overhanging lead prow creating the possibility for 50 ft long routes 
  • Features include: 49 additional climbing lines, top rope, lead prow, flake, free form crack, and multi-pitch instructional ledges

Are you adding more bouldering?

Construction is currently underway on our all new 26,000 sq ft bouldering only gym, Bel-Red Boulders. Located just down the street in the Evergreen Shopping Center, this all new facility will help fill the growing need for more climbing, training and fitness on the Eastside and for our greater Edgeworks community.

Follow the Edgeworks BRB Instagram account for more updates!

What will happen to the existing walls?

South Bay Bouldering Walls
The majority of our existing walls will remain intact with the exception of The Cave in the South Bay. With its current design and steep overhang, these walls have always presented difficulties for our setting team and members. Therefore, this area will be opened up to create a pass-through to the new climbing area as well as a social gathering space.

While it’s never fun to take anything away, we feel confident in our plans to provide something more accessible and usable in its place. Including, access to all new walls, community work spaces for remote work or studying and a comfortable area to rest, recharge and connect before, during or after your climbing sessions. 

Pirate Ship + Youth Zone
Kids are always welcome at Edgeworks and we remain committed to helping young climbers discover, learn and excel at climbing. Similar to way we run our Youth Programs, starting kids out on the same climbing walls, routes, and holds as everyone else helps them develop a better understanding and awareness of climbing and the community that surrounds them.

Therefore, it’s time to “scuttle” the Pirate Ship. Removing it will allow space to create an all new weight training and cardio area.

Are there any plans to resurrect the development of a Tukwila location?

We really like the idea but the original Stone Gardens Tukwila project plans are no longer available. In the meantime, our existing partnership with Crossroads – coupled with their overall plans for expansion and development – are helping to make the Bellevue project possible.

Will you need to adjust business hours or close during construction?

It is our goal to maintain normal operating hours as much as possible during all phases of construction. If for any reason we need to open late or close early on certain days we will do our best to provide advanced notice to all members. Please check your email and be sure to follow our social media accounts to receive updates throughout the project, Instagram , Facebook, X (Twitter) and Threads.

Will membership prices increase?

Yes, but not just due to expansion. Since the very beginning, it’s been Edgeworks’ theory and practice that small yearly price increases provide transparent predictability for our members and allow us to continue our commitment to invest back into our facilities, programs, and employees.

Each year, we evaluate the following criteria that typically results in a monthly membership rate increase: 

  • operating costs and staff wages 
  • increases in membership value, benefits, access, and offerings
  • future improvements and expansions


Thank you for your excitement and support! We’re stoked to share this with all of you.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments below or send them via our online Customer Feedback form. 

We’ll continue to add to this feed as more questions and details emerge.