Our yoga program is uniquely developed to focus on overall fitness and complementary poses for climbers.

Our instructors are uniquely skilled at incorporating the needs of climbers in their training. That way each class is uniquely suited for you. However, their practice is motivated by the following curiculum.

Mixed-Level Yoga

Relax and gently build core strength while working on alignment, breathing, and balance. Flow Yoga focuses on more restorative poses, building flexibility, proper alignment and breathing techniques.


For all levels, Slow Flow will combine breathing techniques within each pose. This calm meditative style of Vinyasa allows for you to connect with the mind and explore the deeper stretches within the body. This practice is great for learning body awareness on and off the climbing wall.


A mixed-level class drawing from various yoga styles to enhance mind-body awareness. Practices include vinyasana (flow) as well as guided meditation and pranayama (breath exercise).

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Power Yoga

Faster paced classes with a focus on deep core strengthening and endurance. These classes are perfect for climbers and yogis looking to strengthen their mind and body awareness.


Designed to create well-rounded strength and mobility for climbers. The sequencing carefully considers climbing-specific movements and works to strengthen opposing musculature and stretches areas that can be chronically tight, both of which are key components in injury-prevention. This class is for climbers seeking yoga that is simple, efficient and effective in complementing a climbing routine. Expect a slower-paced class with plenty of opportunities to add on or modify.


A fitness based approach to yoga. With a focus on linking conscious breath with a vigorous and mindful asana sequence. Students will build strength, flexibility, and concentration, while cleansing the body and calming the mind.


Building upon the foundation of linking breath with movement and working to build strength and endurance. Class will also offer dynamic transitions, working toward a peak pose or targeting a specific body part.

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