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Our personal trainers are focused on your athletic development. When you train with us, you'll improve your fitness, strength, and stamina and you'll get the best, personalized training specific to your goals. Maybe you want to climb Mt Rainier, run your first 5K, improve your endurance, or stay at the top of your game - we can build a training program suited to those goals and help you succeed.

Hal Ford

Hal is a fanatic of everything training and outdoors. An endurance athlete throughout highschool turned collegiate climber, he has been training both himself and others for sport and fitness for 9+ years. Climbing, backpacking, lifting, photography, and skiing are among the various activities that he delves into throughout the seasons. On top of coaching youth climbers and teaching climbing classes, he also enjoys working with clients of all levels to achieve their goals through specific targeted training while also educating clients about training science and philosophy.

Certifications / Qualifications:
USAC Level 1 Coach

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Cynthia MacKay

Cynthia loves mountains, oceans and moving her body. Her favorite activities include; mountain biking, hiking, rock climbing, yoga, SCUBA diving, and making chocolate chip cookies. When she isn't playing freeze tag with her kids, Cynthia enjoys teaching group fitness classes and training students 1:1. Cynthia empowers her clients by giving them the tools, knowledge and experience they need to make physical activity a lifelong pursuit. She is passionate about mind body awareness and learning to listen to the cues from your body.

Certifications / Qualifications:
Certified Recreation Therapist- CTRS
Registered Yoga Teacher- RYT 200
Certified Core Exercise Specialist- PCES
Core & Pelvic Floor Training
Certified TRX Suspension Trainer
Barre Teacher- Balanced Body, Barre Intensity
Performance Stretch System Training

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