Fitness Instructors

  • Carley Stordahl

    Yoga Instructor

    Carley has been climbing off and on for over 10 years and practicing a variety of yoga for 15. She has a degree in clinical physiology and a minor in nutrition which brought her into the fitness field as a personal trainer, group fitness and yoga instructor. Climbing and yoga have been such a positive influence on her own health and well being, teaching yoga in a climbing gym feels natural and a great next step in her journey.

    With her passion for vinyasa yoga, Carley took her 200 RYT in Nosara, Costa Rica in January of 2020. Carley enjoys guiding students to find awareness and connection to the body no matter if you're an athlete or someone who needs a more therapeutic approach. Her classes often focus on alignment, muscle activation and transitions.

    She has a love for the outdoors equal to yoga. When she's not teaching yoga class you can find Carley rock climbing or out on a trail in the wild with her two dogs.

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    200 RYT

  • Gina Vargas

    Front Desk, Acro Yoga Instructor

    Gina found climbing in high school, but did not fully dive into the sport until 2017 when she started working at a Touchstone climbing gym in California, called The Studio. The problem solving, mindfulness, and amazing people she continuously finds through climbing keeps her hooked.

    She also found Acroyoga and Aerial Silks at the climbing gym and they quickly became passions of hers. In 2022, she became a certified AcroLove Teacher and aims to build connection by bringing fun and creative movement to the climbing community through Acroyoga and Aerial Silks classes.

    She has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food and Nutrition and has a passion for overall health and well being. When she's not climbing or doing acroyoga, you'll find Gina backpacking, skiing, kayaking, or on some other outdoor adventure!

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    AcroLove TT14