Fitness Instructors

  • Elena Cheung

    Yoga Instructor

    Elena is a yoga teacher, pizza lover and self-proclaimed master of Dutch Blitz (sweet Amish card game). A yoga teacher since 2015, she brings her keen awareness and curiosity to her clients through precise, intentional classes that move slow but burn deep.

    Since her initial training, Elena has studied anatomy and biomechanics of yoga under teachers such as Tiffany Cruikshank, Richelle Ricard, Jules Mitchell, and others, in an attempt to understand the intricate beauty of the human body.

    Officially, Elena is a Yoga Medicine Certified Therapeutic Specialist (RYT-500) & Pain-Free Performance Specialist who uses a wide range of modalities including yoga postures, functional movement, myofascial release, resistance stretching, breathing and meditation to help her clients achieve their performance goals with a focus on injury prevention/recovery.

    When not doing yoga things, Elena enjoys playing video games, snuggling with her tiny dog, and spending time in nature.

  • Samitha Hendrickson

    Strength Yoga
    Yoga Instructor

    I fell in love with climbing during my college years up in Bellingham, WA. I have been climbing off and on ever since that 1st day climbing outside over the water with friends. The best parts of climbing are not only the workout and fitness, but also getting to know others and building friendships. I enjoy sharing this hobby with friends and family and bringing a new experience to them.

    When I am not climbing in the gym you can find me teaching yoga, painting, hiking, working with kids, and traveling. I love to be outside whether it is a walk to the water, running on trails, or rock climbing with friends. If you see me in the gym feel free to come on over and chat or climb with me. I love meeting new people at the gym! I hope to see you on the rock wall!

  • Hel Stocksill

    Yoga Instructor

    Hel is a full-time yoga instructor who's journey started with regular exercise at the gym for coping with anxiety. On a trip to Portland in 2018 she tried Yoga Sculpt was hooked with her first class. She found out the grounding presence of breath and contemplation on each pose in yoga was more than just a workout; she discovered it was a tool for living mindfully. Join Hel on a trip through the rabbit hole and bring your tea to class!

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    200 HR Hatha Vinyasa with OpenUp
    50 HR Yin with Bernie Clark
    50 HR Sculpt with Corepower
    200 HR Vinyasa with MazéMethod

  • Carley Stordahl

    Yoga Instructor

    Carley has been climbing off and on for over 10 years and practicing a variety of yoga for 15. She has a degree in clinical physiology and a minor in nutrition which brought her into the fitness field as a personal trainer, group fitness and yoga instructor. Climbing and yoga have been such a positive influence on her own health and well being, teaching yoga in a climbing gym feels natural and a great next step in her journey.

    With her passion for vinyasa yoga, Carley took her 200 RYT in Nosara, Costa Rica in January of 2020. Carley enjoys guiding students to find awareness and connection to the body no matter if you're an athlete or someone who needs a more therapeutic approach. Her classes often focus on alignment, muscle activation and transitions.

    She has a love for the outdoors equal to yoga. When she's not teaching yoga class you can find Carley rock climbing or out on a trail in the wild with her two dogs.

    Certifications / Qualifications:
    200 RYT