Edgeworks Fitness

Edgeworks's fitness classes are the perfect compliment to your climbing routine. Whether you're looking to enhance your climbing ability, prepare for your next adventure, or simply carve out time to focus on yourself — we're here to help you reach your goals.

Check our schedule to plan your next class. Yoga classes are included with your day pass admission and are always FREE with membership.


Our Yoga program is uniquely developed to focus on overall fitness and complementary poses for climbers. Providing a space where you can explore different yoga disciplines with intention and curiosity. Whether it's your primary focus or part of your overall training routine, let Edgeworks Yoga elevate your balance, health, and fitness.

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Have fitness goals or projects to send? Looking to make the most of the training tools available in the gym? Our group fitness classes are designed to enhance your overall health, fitness, and climbing abilities, providing you with the necessary edge to achieve your next goal or objective.

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Personal Training

Our personal trainers care about you and your athletic development. When you train with us, you'll improve your general fitness, your climbing strength and stamina and you'll get the best, personalized help at accomplishing your specific goals.

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