Team Update: April 2018

Team Fundraiser 

On March 17, Team kids took several hours out of a beautiful Saturday and committed to making a contribution to the Edgeworks community by belaying anyone who asked; even some who didn’t ask! I’m proud of the way they represented Edgeworks Climbing, and they exceeded expectations for a lot of guests and members in the gym. Way to go Team!

This event was part of a fundraiser that ran for the month of March. The team distributed coupons for discounted Clip and Climb passes, and for any that were redeemed Edgeworks Climbing donated $10 to the Team. This resulted in a $290 windfall! Thanks for supporting our crushers Edgeworks Climbing!

All work and No Play…

Training for comps isn’t all work and no play. Recently Coach Josh took advantage of April Fool’s Day, albeit a day or two late. A few times a year, the Team will do a classic CrossFit workout called a “Murph” which consists of a one mile run, 100 Pull-Ups, 200 Push-Ups, 300 Air Squats, and another one mile run; all modified to fit the ability of the athlete. On April 2nd and 3rd, Coach Josh added a double “Murph” to the workout board, which all the kids are accustomed to checking as soon as they arrive at the gym. Thinking that the kids would complain or rebel, we were prepared to enjoy the looks on their faces when we revealed the joke. The joke was on us. Almost every kid was enthusiastic, or at the very least, resigned to digging in and doing the work, even going so far as to be disappointed when we called it off! Gotta give it to the kids who are willing to put in hard work every day with a smile on every face!

Upcoming Events

 –  April 7 Local comp @ Redmond Vertical World

 –  April 21 Local comp @ Island Rock Gym, Bainbridge Island

 –  April 28 Local comp @ ClubSport, Tigard, OR

April Birthdays

Maya: April 6  |  Gabriel: April 10  |  Grace: April 17

Social Media

Check the lobby bulletin board, Facebook and Instagram for Team Edgeworks news and information.

Next PCA Meeting

April 16, 6:30p in the upstairs lounge.

Contact Info.

Lisa Ferazza, Team Manager
Phone: 253-564-4899