All belayers or lead climbers must have a current certification.
We thank you for taking the time to learn safe belay and lead technique.

Certification: Top Rope Belay

Edgeworks will issue a Belay Certification and allow climbers to top rope belay only if the climber meets qualifications and demonstrates the following:

Age and Gear Requirements:
  • Must be 14 years of age or older.
  • UIAA approved harness worn above hip bones and doubled back when required.
  • Belay device must be designed/manufactured for belaying; including ATC or grigri.(Homemade belay devices are not permitted, including figure eight descenders, tube style devices without a keeper wire, or rope brakes such as the Munter Hitch)
Skills Requirements:
  • Tie a figure 8 follow-through knot to harness attachment point with a minimum 6” tail.
  • Proper attachment of locking carabiner to belay device and appropriate belay loop.
  • Climber and belayer safety checks prior to climbing.
  • Use of appropriate verbal belay communications.
  • Proper belaying, taking and lowering techniques without releasing the brake hand.

Certification: Lead Climbing + Belaying

All lead climbers/belayers must be lead certified by gym staff. The lead test is on a 5.9 route (or harder). Lead climbers/belayers must demonstrate the following:

Lead Belaying:
  • All regular belay rules above must be followed.
  • Belayer must spot the climber prior to the first clip.
  • Belayer must stand into the wall to ensure that the rope does not catch the climbers leg/body during a fall or pull belayer into the wall.
  • Belayer must be attentive and communicate with lead climber.
  • Belayer must catch a leader fall without losing control and with minimal rope play.
Lead Climbing:
  • Leader must clip all quickdraws, in order and proper direction.
  • Leader must demostrate incorrect clipping (back-clipping and z-clipping).
  • Leader must appear safe.
  • Leader must be willing to take a reasonable fall.