Gym Rules

Climbing is dangerous. Climbing presents a significant inherent risk of serious physical injury, including paralysis, disability or death. When you climb at Edgeworks, you voluntarily assume all risks associated with climbing. Please be careful.

Facility Rules

WAIVER: Anyone using our facility MUST have a signed waiver on file.
Anyone under 18, a parent or legal guardian must also sign the waiver.
CHECK-IN: Everyone must check-in at the beginning of each visit. If you have not checked-in, you do not have permission to use the facilities.
RESPECT: Equity + inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience builds a culture where difference is valued, innovation thrives and adventure is accessible to all.
Be respectful of other climbers.
Gender and size do not determine skill or strength; don’t assume!
Shirts are required.
INSTRUCTION: Peer-to-peer technical / safety instruction is prohibited (except by Edgeworks Staff) including: belaying, lead climbing, and rappelling.
YOUTH: Youth (under 14) must be actively supervised by an adult at all times.
Unattended children are not allowed on the climbing floor.
Children must stay within arms reach of a parent or other adult.
1 adult cannot supervise more than 3 youth at a time.


EQUIPMENT: Re-rack weights and wipe down equipment after use.
Closed toe shoes required.
YOUTH: Must be 14 years or older to use the weight room.


FALL ZONES: Keep fall zones clear of people + personal belongings.
HEIGHT LIMIT: Do not boulder in the roped climbing areas above 10 feet in height (hands).
TRAVERSING: Climbers must yield to rope climbers when traversing.

Top Rope and Lead Climbing

CERTIFICATION: All belayers or lead climbers must have a current belay or lead certification.
To take a belay/lead test, please check with the front desk staff.
Click Here for more information on certification.
YOUTH: For their safety and that of others, infants and toddlers are not allowed in lead climbing areas.

All belayers or lead climbers must have a current certification.
We thank you for taking the time to learn safe belay and lead technique.