Spark Sessions

Taught by Nick Beauchamp, a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, Spark Sessions are short, informational sessions that offer an introduction to the concepts that govern sport performance.

Not your regular class; these online sessions will teach you about training concepts and demo exercises to apply them anywhere - at home, in the gym or even during a climbing trip.

Classes are included FREE! with membership.

Online Sessions

Designed to help you become more efficient at training the different demands within a specific sport or activity, sessions will focus on one of the following topics:

Preventing injury requires more than just being fit. It demands a constant awareness and understanding of how our body functions. In this session, we will cover the importance of warming up with movements specific to the activity about to be performed, how to assess what volume and intensity your body can handle, and what muscular balance is and how to master it.


Maintaining mobility is crucial in our daily effort to remain active and pain free. These sessions will focus on the various forms of movement each of our joints are responsible for, how to maintain and progress range of motion, the relationship between stability & mobility, and how to cater your mobility strategy to best prepare you for climbing and other activities in your life.


The stability of a joint is foundational to performance and preventing injury. Learn how stability is integrated with power, mobility, and strength, how to assess, maintain, and progress it, and how to cater your strategy to your lifestyle and activities.


Power is crucial in rock climbing to generate big moves and to latch holds. Learn how to target our explosive energy system, the muscle fibers associated with it, proper work-to-rest ratios for maximizing performance, as well as what to include (or avoid) in a warm up for optimum power output.