Personal Training


Our personal trainers are focused on your athletic development. When you train with us, you'll improve your fitness, strength, and stamina and you'll get the best, personalized training specific to your goals. Maybe you want to climb Mt Rainier, run your first 5K, improve your endurance, or stay at the top of your game - we can build a training program suited to those goals and help you succeed.

Lily Fisher - Personal Trainer

Lily Fisher is a long time coach and climber who's worked in the Seattle gym since 2014. She has extensive experience teaching climbing technique and helping people learn to train in our Technique Series and Dawn Patrol classes. She loves learning about the science of training, which lead her to become a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Now she's pursuing a specialization in corrective exercise to enhance her professional development. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, climbing, foraging for mushrooms, and otherwise enjoying the outdoors.

Lily aims to create an encouraging and welcoming environment for people of all abilities to learn and grow in their climbing journey and discover the joy of training!

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