Spark Sessions

Taught by Nick Beauchamp, a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach, Spark Sessions are short, informational sessions that offer an introduction to the concepts that govern sport performance.

Not your regular class; these sessions will teach you about training concepts and demo exercises to apply them anywhere - at home, in the gym or even during a climbing trip.

Classes are included FREE! with membership and day pass admission.

Spark Sessions

Monday + Thursday Nights | 7:00pm - 7:30pm

Drop in and learn the nuts and bolts behind performance. Topics will vary from week to week and will be posted in the gym the night of each session, just look for Nick's whiteboard!

Example topics include:

  • Hip mobility
  • Shoulder stability
  • Power-endurance
  • Preventing Injury
  • Pull-up strength
  • Designing efficient training circuits
  • Assessing the demands of sport
  • Sport-specific warm up design

Up to 5 people - first come, first served.