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February 2011
February Events
Feb 1st:
Feb 4th:
Feb 18th:
Feb 25th:
Feb 25th:
Mar 1st
Women's Night
Family Night
Free Clinic
Military Night
Close at 9pm
Birthday Parties!
Climbing birthday parties at Edgeworks are an exciting and unique experience that your child will never forget! Parties are for all ages and abilities; we make it easy and fun by providing the climbing, equipment, staff and party lounge.
Click here for details.
New Retail
Evolv Defy Shoe
Evolv Elektra Shoe
Metolius Chalk & Bags
Prohands Grip Master
Petzl Reverso
Black Diamond Primrose
Black Diamond Momentum
  Black Diamond Chalk Bag
  Sterling Velocity Rope
Coming Soon:
Klean Kanteen Bottles
Edgeworks Stickers
New Climbing School Dates
103:Foundations of Bouldering
Feb 1st or 15th 7-8:30pm
201:Advanced Movement & Technique
Feb 14th & 16th
202:Learn to Lead Climb
Feb 21st & 23rd 7-8:30pm
203:Sport Climbing Anchors Feb 28th & 3/2 7-8:30pm
401:Crevasse Rescue
Feb 11th 6-10pm
Northwest Collegiate Climbing Competitions is looking for climbers from PLU, UPS, UW-T, and TCC to compete in upcoming events!
If you think your school has what it takes email jason (at) edgeworksclimbing.com
2011 Comps:
Feb 12 - Univ. of Wasington
Feb 26 - Oregon State U
Mar 5 - Univ. of Idaho
Apr 2 - Central Washington U
Apr 16 - Univ. of Oregon
Apr 30 - Whitman College
Don't miss college night every Friday night at Edgeworks!
How to Prevent and Recover from Hand and Finger Injuries:

About 75% of sport climbers will suffer from an upper extremity injury with 60% of these injuries involving the hand and wrist. As more people are climbing on rock walls, bouldering, and utilizing other climbing styles (other than just alpine climbing), types of injuries have also changed.

Causes of climbing injuries can range from traumatic causes to repetitive strain. These injuries involve conditions such as tendonitis, ligament sprains and other soft tissue strains, dislocations, severe soft tissue tears, and disruptions. The following are common hand and finger injuries, along with guidelines for recovery and prevention.

Finger Injuries: The flexor tendons are connected to the muscles responsible for our ability to make a fist, and grip/grab objects. Compared to other muscles and tendons, those in the hand and forearm are not very strong and can be easily injured. These tendons have a series of pullies that keep the tendons in place. Disruption of the pullies are not only painful, but may cause complete dysfunction of the hand.

Trigger Finger: This inflammatory disorder involving the first pulley (A1 pully) is located near the area where the finger meets the hand (the MP crease). Painful clicking or snapping will occur at the finger and often the finger will get stuck followed by a sudden release. If this is acute, often it can be treated with rest and frequent icing. Frequent opening and closing of the affected finger should be avoided. If it has been occurring for more than a few weeks, you should consider seeking medical attention.

A2 pulley strain/disruption: A2 pulley injuries occur in 20% of climbers, with the ring finger being most common. A2 and A4 pullies are absolutely crucial in keeping the flexor tendons properly aligned. Different handhold techniques put different anatomic structures at risk. Risk factor with 1 finger and 2 finger holds usually involve flexor tendon strain/disruption and/or dislocation, whereas, the crimping handhold technique, with too much stress, can cause A2 pulley disruptions.

Tendon glides are one simple warm exercise that can be performed before climbing. Gliding the flexor tendons in a variety of positions can prevent inflammation in the tendons and surrounding structures. After climbing ice to minimize the effects of inflammation.

Excerpt from Climbing Injuries: Prevention and Recovery by BJ Stockton and Brian Chase. BJ Stockton is a Physical Therapist with NW Sports Physical Therapy. He has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy from UPS and is a member at Edgeworks.
Spring Break Camps:
Edgeworks Climbing Spring Break Camps are a fun and active way for young climbers of all abilities to spend their school breaks.

Spend time with our youth instructors and coaches learning the basics of climbing and belaying with a mix of plenty of games and activities.

An Edgeworks Spring Break Camp is adventure that you will never forget!

Call 253-564-4899 to register today!


Take the Edgeworks Survey:
Congratulations to Wynter Weaver for winning 1 hour of private coaching! Take the survey here and you might get picked next month!

Name: Wynter Weaver

Employment: Small business owner-training studio

Years climbing: 1ish

What's your favorite feature of the gym?The bouldering area and arch in the top rope area. I also love the springy floor. Also, love the people (okay, I know that's four favorite things, but they're all great!)

Who is your favorite setter? Can't remember names but I like to pick routes with funny or interesting names.

What’s the vibe like? Always fun and upbeat. Everyone is awesome, I love that random people we don't know will encouage us, or show me a different way to get to a hold so I can complete a problem.

Two words that describe the gym? Fun and fresh!

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