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Edgeworks Climbing Newsletter
October 2009
In this issue...

2009 Blacklight Bouldering Competition and Climb
  Blacklight Bouldering
Date: October 25th, Saturday
Competition: 5pm-8pm
Open Climb: 8pm-10pm
Glow-In-The-Dark, Slacklining, Costumes, Prizes, Body Painting, All-Ages Fun!
Click Here! for information and registration!
  Blacklight Bouldering  

Blacklight Bouldering
Blacklight Bouldering

Check out the ridiculousness that is blacklight climbing.

  Blacklight Bouldering!!!! Bright colors and glowing holds create a unique vibe that’s not to be missed. Wear white or flourescent; we have 2200 watts of blacklight to make you glow! All ages and abilities are welcome.  
Event Details:
* Date:
October 30th
* Time:
8:00pm - 10:00pm
* Cost:
Members: FREE!!
Day Pass Rates Apply

Costume Yoga - ONLY $7

What does Edgeworks, a chicken suit, and Ardha Chandrasana all have in common?

  COSTUME YOGA!!!! Spooky fun yoga in costume! All levels welcome! Come in costume, if you don’t have one, we have one for you. See you there!  
Edgeworks Yoga: Community Yoga
* Date:
October 30th
* Time:
7:00pm - 8:15pm
* Cost:
Members: FREE!!
Non-Members: $7 Drop-In
Ask about
Intro Rates and Punchcards
Costume Yoga

  Munter Hitch  
Munter Hitch
  FREE CLINIC!: Climbing Knots
  Ever wondered how to anchor yourself with a Clove Hitch? How about a using a Munter Hitch if you dropped your belay device?
  Many knots that are important to climbing will make you a better/safer climber, if you know them. These knots will help you create slings, attach you to anchors, climb up and down ropes and safely substitute knots for gear.  

Some of the knots we will demonstrate:
* Clove Hitch
* Munter Hitch
* Water Knot
* Butterfly Knot
* Autoblock

* Double Fishermans Knot

* Overhand Bend (AKA Euro Death Knot)

  Events Details:
When: Wednesday, October 14th
, 8:00pm - 9:00pm
What: Climbing Knots Clinic

Junior Climbing 3-6 Years - NEW TIME!

An ongoing, quality climbing experience for climbers ages 3-6 years old. The Junior Climbing Program 3-6 offers an active curriculum taught by our professional, experienced staff in a safe indoor setting with high instructor to climber ratios. Our Junior Climbing Program builds a foundation for strong, fit, motivated, goal oriented kids and the climbing is just plain fun!

* Climb regularly with other kids
* Daily curriculum includes climbing games and activities
* Learn basic climbing skills
* High instructor to climber ratios
* Safe, fun and fit activities taught by professional instructors

* Duration:
2 Sessions per Week
* Dates:
Mon/Wed 3:45pm - 4:30pm NEW TIME!
* Prerequisites:
Ages 3-6 years
* Cost:
  Junior Climbing Program 3-6  
* We strongly encourage parent participation with the Junior Climbing Program 3-6!
* 101: Knots and Belaying is offered FREE!! to participating parents.

Edgeworks Climbing School
203: Sport Climbing Anchors
If you want to start leading sport climbs outside, we suggest you start by learning some essential skills indoors. Our expert instructors will teach you how to go to any sport crag in the country so you can lead, set and clean anchors. Climbing outside is beautiful and exciting when done safely.
Learn to set anchors for sport climbing
Learn to clean routes
Learn to thread and rappel from anchors
* Duration:
1 Day (Outdoor)
* Prerequisites:
202: Learn to Lead Climb (or equivalent)
Solid 5.9 or V1 Climbing Ability
* Cost:
* Dates/Times:
3rd & 4th Thursday Each Month: 7pm - 8m
  Call 253-564-4899 to register today!  

This Month at Edgeworks!

Tacoma’s rainfall doubles in October (serious, look it up) and the days aren’t getting any longer, but gym conditions are perfect all winter long, so get in here and get strong.
For our full schedule of this months calendar (
click here)!

Women's Night - 5-10pm, Friday, First Friday of each month
Ladies - Come on in and climb, after 5pm at a discounted rate. Meet lots of new friends and climb hard with old friends. $9 Day Pass.
College Night - 5-10pm, Friday, Second Friday of each month
Seeking a higher education? Let off some steam and join other students for an evening of climbing at a discounted rate. Day passes are $9 with a valid Washington State College ID (24 years and younger only).
Family Night - 5-10pm, Friday, Third Friday of each month
Bring the whole family and meet other climbing families! First adult family member pays full price ($15 day pass), additional family members pay $5.
Military Night - 5-10pm, Friday, Fourth Friday of each month
Edgeworks salutes our active military with a night of climbing just for you! Day passes are $9 with a valid Military ID.
  FREE! Clinic: Slacklining - 8-10pm, Friday, Last Friday of each month
Staff members will be available to offer advice to beginners and advanced slackliners. The slackline will stay up until 10pm so you can practice away the wobbly leg.

Edgeworks Climbing - 6102 N 9th Street #200, Tacoma, WA 98406
www.edgeworksclimbing.com - 253-564-4899