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September 2008
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  Edgeworks Climbing School  
  Edgeworks Climbing School

Edgeworks Climbing School offers professional instruction for all levels of climbing. Whether you are just starting out and want to learn the basics, or you've been climbing for years and you want to learn technical outdoor rock skills, Edgeworks Climbing School will help take you to the next level.

With each series of classes the curriculums are designed to progress you through each level of climbing quickly.

Learn the essential skills
Advanced technical skills
Master outdoor skills
Learn crevasse rescue
Train to climb hard!
Cater your instruction to you
Edgeworks members receive a 15% discount on all classes!

FREE! College Night
Looking to do something FUN, ACTIVE and CHEAP? Climbing at Edgeworks is a great way to spend a Friday night and meet new friends, particularly when it's FREE!
Event Details:
* Friday, September 12th
* Student Day Passes - FREE!!
* Student Gear Rentals - FREE!!
* Must present valid College Student ID
* Waiver signed by parent required for climbers under age 18
College Night this month is FREE!!
Tell your friends!!
Our regular College Night is:
* 2nd Friday Of Each Month!
  FREE College Night  

  SALE!: Student Memberships  
  SALE!: Student Memberships
  Are you a student of a Washington State school? Are you looking for a good deal on a membership to Edgeworks Climbing? The Month of September is your month!  
  Get Any Student Membership And Get:
* FREE! Rentals
* FREE! Yoga
Student Membership Sale Prices*:
* 1-Month: SALE!: $56 (Regular $109.00 - 49% OFF)
* 6-Month: SALE!: $269 (Regular $523.40 - 49% OFF)
* Annual PIF: SALE!: $429 (Regular $674.76 - 37% OFF)
* Annual EFT: SALE!: $504 (Regular $794.00 - 36% OFF)
  * Students must present current Washington State Student ID. Students must be 24 years old or younger.  

FREE CLINIC!: Slacklining  
  Slacklining - A Balance Sport
Come Slackline With Edgeworks!
  Events Details:
When: Friday, September 27th
, 8:00pm - 10:00pm
What: Slacklining
  Join us for a fun evening of Slacklining!
Never done it before? Our staff will teach you how to keep your balance on our slackline (tightrope of webbing) set up in the gym for the evening. It's fun to watch, and even more fun to do as you build balance in your body!
  * The climber's leisure sport
* Builds balance and focus
* Slacklines can be set up most anywhere
* A great way to hang out and have fun!
  Come Slackline with Edgeworks!  
  FREE Slackline Clinic  

  SALE!: Used Rental Shoes  
  SALE!: Used Rental Shoes
  Edgeworks has replaced many of our rental shoes and the used ones are now ON SALE at rock bottom prices!

* The Docon is a comfortable all-around shoe with a symmetrical and rounded toe profile that will accommodate various widths of feet.
* Comes with UPR (Upper Protector Rand); inspired by internal cap work boots and old big wall boot designs, Evolv equipped the Docon with an extra upper protector rand underneath the primary rand to protect the critical front toe area for bomber durability.
* Highly recommended for entry level climbers.

  ON SALE! - $29.99
Regularly - $85.00
Quantities Limited

Resole Your Climbing Shoes  

Hole in your sole? Need your rock shoes repaired? Cascade Cobbler and Edgeworks Climbing now offers drop off repair service for your climbing shoes!

Leave your shoes with Edgeworks, with payment and a completed order form and Cascade Cobbler will repair them for you!
On the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month, shoes will be shipped, repaired and returned within a week and a half!.
$28 for 1/2 soles
$8.50 for rand repair
$6 shipping and handling
  Cascade Cobbler  
  Cascade Cobbler
Fixers of Treasured Footwear
Specializing in Climbing Shoe and Birkenstock Repair


  Cascade Cobbler James at work  
Cascade Cobbler James at work.

  High School Night  
  High School Night
  Edgeworks supports the local youth through monthly High School Nights! Get in at a REDUCED RATE, rentals are FREE! and get a FREE! 101: Knots and Belaying class.

Event Details:
* $10 Day Pass
* Student Gear Rentals - FREE!!
* 101: Knots and Belaying class - FREE!!
* Must present valid Student ID
* Liability Waiver must signed by parent

  Start a High School Night For Your School:
Edgeworks is seeking High School Reps Now!
* High School Rep Position Includes:
   FREE! Quarterly Membership
   FREE! Edgeworks T-Shirt
   Lots of New Friends
* For full Description of Responsibilities and how to apply:
   Check out our Jobs Page!

Junior Climbing Program 3-6

An ongoing, quality climbing experience for climbers ages 3-6 years old. The Junior Climbing Program 3-6 offers an active curriculum taught by our professional, experienced staff in a safe indoor setting with high instructor to climber ratios. Our Junior Climbing Program builds a foundation for strong, fit, motivated, goal oriented kids and the climbing is just plain fun!

* Climb regularly with other kids
* Daily curriculum includes climbing games and activities
* Learn basic climbing skills
* High instructor to climber ratios
* Safe, fun and fit activities taught by professional instructors

* Duration: 2 Sessions per Week
* Dates: Mon/Wed 3:00pm - 4:00pm
* Prerequisites: Ages 3-6 years
* Cost: $79/month
  Junior Climbing Program 3-6  
Yipee! * We strongly encourage parent participation with the Junior Climbing Program 3-6!
* 101: Knots and Belaying is offered FREE!! to participating parents.

  Adult Training Team  
  Adult Training Team
  Whether you want to do your first pull-up or send your first 5.12, if you have a goal, the Adult Training Team is for you! Taught by our professional coaching staff, this training group meets twice a week for a 2 hour session designed to amp up your climbing. Course focuses on fundamental climbing skills and targeted training to eliminate your climbing 'weaknesses'.

* Professional coaching
* Set yourself up for success
* Meet new climbing partners
* Eliminate your climbing weaknesses
* Become stronger and more fit
* Climb harder!

* Duration: Meets twice a week, 2 hour sessions each
* Prerequisites: 101: Knots & Belaying (or equivalent)
* Cost: $95/month
* Dates/Times: Tuesday/Thursday, 7:00pm - 9:00pm
  Edgeworks members receive a 15% discount on all classes!
Call 253-564-4899 to register today!

This Month at Edgeworks!

Fall is upon us, but climbing doesn't end. There's plenty of climbing to be done in the Cascades. Brush up on your skills with our Sport Climbing Anchors class or let us help you make the Transition to Outdoor Climbing.
For our full schedule of this month's calendar (click here)!

104 & 204: Outdoor Climbing
Offered twice this month on the 13th and 27th, these all day classes introduce you to the joys of climbing outside in North Bend, just an hour away. Learn outdoor specific climbing technique, safety and etiquette.
For information and pricing:
104: Transition to Outdoor Climbing
204: Outdoor Rock Climbing
Edge Yoga
Return to your core. Yoga will limber your mind and body while building core strength. Develop awareness of breath, movement, and balance. It’s also an excellent way to add some cardio to your workout as well as deep core strengthening and endurance!
For information and pricing (click here).
  Adult Training Team
It’s never too late to start training. Our experienced instructors can help you pull past your plateau and achieve your goals. Build endurance and strength by climbing with us twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays 7-9pm.
For information and pricing (click here).
  FREE CLINIC!: Slacklining
Friday, September 26th, 8-10pm,
Staff members will be available to offer advice to beginners and advanced slackliners. The slackline will stay up until 10pm so you can practice away the wobbly leg.
Women's Night - 5-10pm, Friday, September 5th
Ladies - Come on in and climb, after 5pm at a discounted rate. Meet lots of new friends and climb hard with old friends. $9 Day Pass. First Friday of each month.
College Night - 5-10pm, Friday, September 12th
Seeking a higher education? Let off some steam and join other students for an evening of climbing at a discounted rate. Day passes are $9 with a valid Washington State College ID (24 years and younger only). Second Friday of each month.

* College Night is FREE! this month! (including FREE! Rentals!)
Family Night - 5-10pm, Friday, September 19th
Bring the whole family and meet other climbing families! First adult family member pays full price ($15 day pass), additional family members pay $5. Third Friday of each month.
Military Night - 5-10pm, Friday, September 26th
Edgeworks salutes our active military with a night of climbing just for you! Day passes are $9 with a valid Military ID. Fourth Friday of each month.

Edgeworks Climbing - 6102 N 9th Street #200, Tacoma, WA 98406
www.edgeworksclimbing.com - 253-564-4899

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