Edgeworks Climbing Newsletter
November 2006

One Sunday Eve (A Routesetters Reflection)
By Erich Sachs - Edgeworks Routesetter

Anyone can screw in a hold, but it takes a visionary to put up a route that flows.

Stripping the walls of old routes, the artist stares blankly at his canvas, searching the angles for a new inventive idea, another way up the wall. He prepares his pallet, washing the holds, carefully picking out just the right holds. All great routes begin with a theme,
a center piece; the rest of the route is a prelude and finale to that move.

More thought often goes into a route than would on deciding a career. So if you thought we were just slapping holds on to torture you…well, yes we were, but that’s why you keep coming back isn’t it?

Edgeworks Routesetter Mike Kimmel

New Routes Everyday!

The Edgeworks Routesetting Staff has been very busy lately with tons of new boulder routes from our competition as well as new lead routes!

Come and be the first of your friends to say "Come on! Stick It....! ".

Here's a sample of routes you should try:
Competition Grade Bouldering!:
V0+ - Sending on a Good Day (Section 12)
V2+ - Static Cling (Section 11)
V3 - Red Light "Heel" Hooking (Section 8)
V6 - Core Perversion (Section 12)

Section 3 (New Lead Routes!):
5.9 - Your Name (lead test, must take whipper)
5.10b - Oldie But Goodie
5.11b - Coffee Jitters

Blacklight Bouldering - Edgeworks Climbs Hard!

With great excitement and success, Edgeworks Climbing held its 2nd annual Blacklight Bouldering Competition and Climb! With 121 climbers registered, there was lots of glowing, costumes and climbers pulling hard!

One thing is for sure, Edgeworks Climbers climb hard! We had 18 climbers from Edgeworks who placed in the top 3 in their divisions!

Female Divisions - Edgeworks Climbers
1st Adult-Rec Kimmie Nakano
2nd Masters Chris Peele
2nd Youth-B April Sanders
1st Youth-C Wendy Majerus
1st Youth-D Kayla Lieuw
Male Divisions - Edgeworks Climbers
1st Adult-Adv Marshall Hiller
2nd Adult-Adv James Traub
3rd Adult-Adv Sean Stidham
1st Adult-Int David Young
1st Adult-Rec Josiah Faville
2nd Adult-Rec Marc Core
3rd Adult-Rec Andy Petersen
1st Masters Taylor Fletcher
2nd Masters Steven Garret
3rd Masters Mike Sylvanus
1st Youth-C Clayton LaFaive
3rd Youth-C Jordan Jessen
1st Youth-D Alex Sylvanus

Congrats Edgeworks Climbers!

Junior Program Ages 6+ - Now Tuesday/Thursday!

Due to the popularity of the Edgeworks Junior Program we have now opened a new session for ages 6+ on Tuesdays and Thursdays! If the climber in your family is anxious to climb more, register now to secure your space!

Ages 6 & up (4:30 pm - 6:00 pm):
- Tuesdays/Thursdays (6 spots available)

Ages 9 & up (4:30 pm - 6:30 pm):
- Mondays/Wednesdays (FULL)
- Tuesdays/Thursdays (5 spots available)

An ongoing quality climbing experience kids off all ages will enjoy!
For more information
(click here).

Used Climbing Holds For Sale!
Do you think Edgeworks has a lot of climbing holds? Well so do we and we've got a few extra that are for sale at rock bottom prices!

These holds are great for building anything from your own home climbing wall or a system training wall. Maybe you just want to do something simple like a traversing wall in your garage or even just a pull-up board above a door jam. I'm sure you can find more use for our holds than we ever imagined; some people have even used our holds as bolted on safety grips for use when on their roof!

Buy as many as you want while they last!
$4.50 a hold, mixed brands, sizes and shapes.

Edgeworks Yoga: New and Expanded Classes

Core strengthening as well as full body stamina and flexibility through our Edgeworks Yoga classes will bring balance and energy to both your climbing and your health! For more information (click here).

Edge Yoga
- Monday - Thursday: 5:30pm - 6:45pm
Community Yoga (only $7!)
- Fridays: 7:00pm - 8:15pm
Mixed Level Yoga
- Saturdays: 10:00am - 11:15am
- Sundays: 4:00pm - 5:15pm
Don't forget, all yoga classes are FREE for Edgeworks Annual Members!

This Month at Edgeworks!
Check out these exciting new happenings at Edgeworks in November..
For our full schedule of this months calendar (click here)!

Edgeworks CLOSED, Thursday, November 23rd
Edgeworks will be closed for Thanksgiving Day, to celebrate the pilgrims' peaceful, cooperative relationship with their new found friends and the competitive family event known as sport eating.

Junior Program 6+ Change

New Beginning November: Junior Program for ages 6 and up is not longer on Saturdays. It will now be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm to 6:00pm. With a lower student to instructor ratio, students will receive more personal attention. Ask our front desk for details!
(click here for more info and pricing)

Adult Training Team
The Adult Training Team is GROWING fast! Get personalized training from our coaching staff and climb at your best. Team meets twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm.
(click here for more info and pricing)

Women's Night - After 6pm, Friday, November 3rd
Ladies - Come on in and climb, after 6pm on the first Friday of each month at a discounted rate. Meet lots of new friends and climb hard with old friends. $9 Day Pass.

College Night - 5-10pm, Friday, November 10th
Seeking a higher education? Let off some steam and join other students for an evening of climbing at a discounted rate. Day passes are $9 with a valid Washington State College ID, second Friday of each month

Edgeworks Climbing - 6102 N 9th Street #200, Tacoma, WA 98406
www.edgeworksclimbing.com - 253-564-4899

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