Team Update September 2017

Bouldering Season!

Bouldering season is here! Check the Team Family Roster/Schedule for updates to our schedule. Some local Region 101 competitions coming up:

10/14 – Seattle Bouldering Project

10/21 – Seattle Stone Gardens

10/28 – Edgeworks Climbing Gym

Coaches will be at the SBP comp on October 14, and the Edgeworks Blacklight Comp on October 28; one more comp is yet to be determined.  For info about the Roster/Schedule, see your Team Handbook. For access to the Roster/Schedule email for the link.

Team Potluck

Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual Beginning of Season Team Potluck! It was great to see everyone again after a long summer vacation. Coaches, climbers, and families all enjoyed an array of food (including some really awesome salsa; thanks Nic!), some slacklining, socializing, tree climbing, and a brief presentation by coaches.


GroupMe is a group messaging app that team families use to communicate with each other for a variety of reasons; planning events, arranging carpools, etc. If you would like to join the conversation email with your cell phone number and I will pass on your information to Tiffany Andrews who will add you to the group. Remember to reply to the invitation right away to activate your membership in the group.


We now have a Team Handbook that contains everything you need to know about who we are, our structure, tryouts, practices, competition, our community, the schedule, and how to contact us if you have any questions. They are available at the front desk.

Upcoming Events

September 1

USAC Annual Membership registration open

Social Media

Check the lobby bulletin board, Facebook, and Instagram for Team Edgeworks news and information.

Next PCA Meeting

No meeting in September. The October meeting will be held early to prepare for the Blacklight Bake Sale. October 9 at 6:45p in upstairs lounge.