Team Update May 2017

Team Outdoor Trip

Record numbers of kids made it to Vantage on April 29th for the team outdoor sport climbing trip. For some, climbing outside was a new experience.  Even though some kids had done this trip before, team coach and AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Jimmy Grant made sure new experiences were had all around.

Jimmy commented, “I think all of the kids had a great time! Lots of them experienced their first lead climb outdoors, and some even got to clean their first route (removal of the climbing gear from the wall)! Two of my favorite events of today were watching Kohle Andrews lead climb the hardest routes at ‘The Feathers’ pushing his personal boundaries and climbing with style. The second moment was watching Elizabeth Hume lead her first outdoor climb! Her smile was contagious and kept all of us smiling for the whole day. I can’t wait until the next trip!”

Championship Season

The end of April marks the end of the 2017 USAC Sport and Speed Local Season and the beginning of Championship Season. We had an amazing season watching twenty six different Team Edgeworks climbers competing in five different local competitions. Nineteen of those kids are eligible to compete at the Regional Championship in May.

Eligibility for the Regional is dependent on collecting a score in a minimum of two local competitions. The top ten finishers in each category at the Regional will qualify to compete at the Divisional in Anchorage, AK in June. The top six in each category at the Divisional qualify to compete at the National in Kennesaw, GA in July.

The team will be preparing for the championships by maintaining their excellent fitness levels, and concentrating on areas needing improvement that surfaced during the local season. Part of that includes training on higher walls. That means field trips to other gyms. Keep your eyes open for scheduled team trips, and if you can, take some independent trips of your own.


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