Crushing Tip #11

Climb smarter instead of stronger. Train yourself to always find the easiest way up a route regardless of the grade. For example, if you are on a 5.9 and you are a 5.11 climber you could skip holds and muscle your way through just to get to the top, but that would neither make you a stronger or smarter climber. You might as well take that opportunity to find the easiest path to the top. If you feel like you are doing a move that is too hard for the grade STOP. Take one step back and try to figure out a better way. If you consistently do this on easier grades you will do it better on harder grades enabling you to climb at a much higher level. I can’t count the number of people who are putting in 5.12 effort on a 5.11 climb. Wouldn’t you want to be putting 5.12 effort on a 5.12, or a 5.13? I sure would… Always think critically about the way you are climbing something and you will learn more from the experience. Send smart and then you will send hard!

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