8 Top 5 Finishes at Local Comps!

team backs

We are super psyched, and proud, to recognize all of the EW team kids who have been absolutely crushing it this comp season.  At our own Blacklight Comp, 7 kids placed in the top 5 in their category with two 1st place finishes.  The weekend before, at Northwest Boulderfest, 3 kids placed in the top 4 – again with a 1st place finish. And, just this past weekend at the South Sound Pull Down, another 1st place finish was achieved. Congratulations to all the kids who are climbing and competing!

Northwest Boulderfest, Seattle
Alex Petty: 1st place, MYD
Kylee Beam; 2nd place, FYD
Sophia Terrill: 4th place, FYD

Edgeworks Blacklight Comp, Tacoma
Alex Petty: 1st place, MYD
Kylee Beam: 1st place, FYD
James Corbett: 2nd place, MYA
Hal Warren: 3rd place, MYC
Grace Wilkerson: 4th place, FYD
Elliott McDonald: 4th Place, MYC
Terah Gruber: 5th place, FYD

South Sound Pull Down, Olympia
Kylee Beam: 1st place, Youth