Climbing Partners

Here at Edgeworks, we focus on creating a space for climbing enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and friends to connect through shared interests in climbing, fitness and fun. But sometimes finding a climbing partner who's schedule lines up with yours can be challenging. That's where we can help!

In addition to the belay partner boards, info sharing sign up sheets and Facebook connection pages (Bellevue, Seattle, Tacoma), we're now offering an online calendar that allows you to log and share your climb times and connect with others before you even arrive at the gym.

How it works:

It's a pretty straightforward system; all it takes is your participation and a little coordination from our staff to make it work!

  • Select your home gym below.
  • Click on the date + start time of your next climbing session.
  • Enter your name + proficiency level (belay/lead).
  • You can also see + join times that have already been scheduled; times with fewer than 4 spots available have climbers also looking for partners.
  • If you were the first one to claim a time slot, check back to see if others have joined you.
  • Upon arrival, check in with our front desk staff who will help connect you with the other climbers in your group.
IMPORTANT: Your name + contact information will not be made public on our website but you will be able to see when others have also signed up.

Get Started

Click the link for your home gym to log and share your next climb time - or - join a time that has already been scheduled. Times with fewer than 4 spots available means another climber has already signed up and is looking for a belay partner.